12-12-12 The Concert for Sandy Relief Album Review

After the release being delayed a day, you can now finally purchase the “12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief” album  on iTunes.  I watched the concert on live television and it’s interesting to see which artists and what songs made the 24 cuts on this memorial hurricane record.

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The Review: Paying for Google Play Music All Access

I have not been been much of a fan of Google’s play into music — but today, I think I might just change my mind with my new “Google Play Music All Access” subscription.  The new service is an odd dog, to be sure, but it seems to be worth both its bark and its bite so far.

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Reviewing the Bryan Ferry Jazz Age

Bryan Ferry has always been a magical, musical, mind — and the evidence of that genius can today be found in his new “The Jazz Age” album packed with his current hits, re-performed as 1920’s Jazz standards.  Yes, the idea is confounding — making new music sound old in practice and performance  — but, in the ear, everything is ultimately pleasing in the effort and effect.

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The Transcendental Youth Review

For the last twenty years, John Darnielle has been entertaining and enthralling the world with his profoundly thoughtful lyrics and soulful singing and musical stylings. One of my former coworkers told me that all this would surely end once he had a child and he was quite disappointed last year when I mentioned that Darnielle and his wife had been blessed with a beautiful baby boy. I am here to let you know that his concerns were unfounded because there’s a new Mountain Goats record and it has really shattered all of my expectations.

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Stephen Stills Carries On

Stephen Stills is one of those rare musicians who not only forms the cultural sound and comprehension of a decade or two, he also divines the definition of the spirit of its people.  Stills’ career has arced over a half-century of our lives from Buffalo Springfield to Crosby Stills & Nash (and sometimes Young!) to Jimi Hendrix diving into a fine solo career.

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The Apocalypse Review

Rereading the title of the article it occurs to me that I should probably mention that this is a review of the 2011 album Apocalypse, by Bill Callahan. This is the same brilliant Bill Callahan who wrote the song Eid Ma Clack Shaw — two years after I wrote the article it still gets comments every so often, which is remarkable to me as it is only about the one song! It occurred to me recently why the article continues to get as many views as it does and that is that people searching for the meaning of the song find my article on top of the Google search query — meaning of Eid Ma Clack Shaw.

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Happy Birthday to Boles Blues!

One year ago today, we published the first BolesBlues.com article called, rightly enough — “What is BolesBlues.com?” — and that article was quickly followed by, “From Old Cooter to Boles Blues” to help explain the provenance of who we are and what we hoped to become in time.

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