Daughters and Sexuality

Few realize there is always a sexual component at work in a family but that sexual component must be understood and accepted as part of the natural growth of children, especially daughters, in the midst of their parents and siblings. The power behind the sexual realization of a daughter in a family belongs to the mother and not the father. The mother is the sexual ideal modeled for the daughter — that doesn’t mean sexual intercourse — it simply means the daughter learns how to interact and grow on greater level of femininity while discovering for herself a deeper form of human intimacy.

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The Definition of a Prostitot

I heard the definition of a new and insidious word today: Prostitot.


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Sexual Knowing

Yesterday a psychiatrist friend of mine who read my Daughters and Sexuality post here in your favorite Urban Semiotic blog, told me “one can never really understand a person until you know their sexual preferences and how that life is expressed in private.” I’m still trying to decide if I agree with her or not.

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