Prime Pecking Points: My Iraq Timetable

Here’s my Iraq Timetable for the next two years.

August 2007:

The “Surge” didn’t work. The country is splitting into three region-states. American losses are outstripping any forward movement in the Iraqi coalition government. Now what?

Iraq Timetable

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Determined Democratic Demonization

The political prosecution of eight United States Attorneys by Alberto Gonzales’ Depart of Justice is blowing up the Bush presidency more than the immoral war in Iraq ever could because this issue is something everyone can understand and rally against as being un-American in its core. The Washington Post reports Gonzales’ days are numbered as Bush’s loyal legal lapdog because Republican support for the president’s pernicious policies is finally aching away:

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No Cowards Allowed: A Demand for a Third Party

America is broken. The Republicans and Democrats have failed us. We, the cogent, The Independent Few, demand a better choice, a more thorough thinking — we require another choice — we demand a Third Party! Ross Perot, Michael Bloomberg and Ralph Nader need not apply.

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Rise of Radical Religiosity in Representative Democracies

We are living in dark times as radical religiosity the world over rises to punish ordinary, innocent, citizens in representative democracies where government-legislated values of faith are made to reform the law of the land in the name of a niche morality that presumes the best interest of the majority.

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Obama at One Hundred

When Air Force One isn’t strafing downtown Manhattan, the Obama administration has been a wild success in its first hundred days.  The days of the nasty, volatile, fundamentalist Republicans are dying as the GOP becomes a withering, insignificant, frothing, religiously ecstatic version of what it used to be when the party actually mattered. 

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Freedom Swims in Ink and Drowns in Dust

As we celebrate freedom and independence today in America, let’s not forget that freedom was won in blood and earned in sweat and a cornerstone of our freedom is the safety in sowing narrow views that may not be a part of the mainstream liking.

When a president makes a partisan, political, speech on the Fourth of July in front of American troops who are not allowed to disagree with him, we begin to see a puppet show pretending to be leadership where a bobbing-head politician pontificates in front of a solemn and mute military audience beaten down by dust and bones.

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Blame it on the Jews: A History of Hating

With the recent explosions of vitriol from Mel Gibson against the Jews in general and with the new insurgency against Israel proper by Hezbollah in particular, one begins to wonder about the how and the why of blaming the world’s troubles on the Jews. I decided to do some quick Google searches on historically paired stereotypical keywords to see what kind of hate against the Jews was being officially published on the internet and the results were hateful but not surprising.

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