Bush is Back: When a National Nightmare Returns

George W. Bush is back in our nightmares with the opening of his massive Presidential “library” on the campus of Southern Methodist University — all built not to remind us of what a killer he was in the world, but rather what a great a guy he was as he meandered the halls of the White House choking on pretzels while Dick Cheney did all the dirty work as President-in-situ.

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Living Large Like Saddam

Photographer Richard Mosse has a terrific trail of images from Iraq of the United States’ occupation of Saddam Hussein’s imperial palaces.  It has always bothered me seeing US troops living large on Saddam’s legacy of largesse, and now, after seeing Mosse’s photographs, I understand the why of the disconcerting disconnect.

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The Obama Failures

We have loved Barack Obama as a presidential candidate and defended him as president — but as a president, he is clearly immediately failing us all — and thus flunking the world.  Because of his obscene failures on healthcare, the economy, the war, and terror, he has fully owned his public mocking.

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Saluting the Muslim American Solider

Colin Powell appeared on Meet the Press on Sunday and he made an eloquent defense for Barack Obama as president while resoundingly defeating the cruel, and unfounded, attacks by the radical right wing that Obama is as Muslim when he is not; but, Powell argued, what if Obama were a Muslim?  What difference would it make?  What difference should it make?  Then General Powell mentioned an arresting image he saw in the New Yorker showing Elsheba Khan resting her head on the grave of her dead Muslim American son, Specialist Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan. Powell told us Special Khan fought for America and his sacrifice was no less than that of any Christian.

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Ten Seventeen

A bomb here.

A hanging there.

Another war, another bother.

Tapping Out of Iraq

Only 9% of the American people in a new AP/IPSOS poll released today believe we will find success in Iraq and that matches the same gloomy percentage of Americans who believed, over 30 years ago, that the Vietnam war was winnable.


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A Parade of the Grotesque and the Infinite Now

We met the height of hypocrisy on Friday when Bush gave Grotesque ParadeRumsfeld a “Going Away Parade” while Dick Cheney danced in the grass with admiration — not for the dead — but for the deadly, in the guise of his old-school pal, Rummy.

The parade was also a smiling burial ceremony for the Iraq Study Group’s recommendations.

There’s nothing quite as atrocious as throwing a parade to celebrate all your failures that are measured in pints of blood and countless coffins and not ribbons and flags.

Rumsfeld was given a color guard, marching musicians with piccolo players, a 19-gun salute — Cheney’s shotgun was reportedly not part of the festivities — and the undying applause of his best neocon buddies who all helped him perpetuate the Iraq war in America when we only wanted to pay back Afghanistan.

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