Punishing Bradley Manning for Wikileaking

If you haven’t visited the Wikileaks Collateral Murder website yet, you should — as long as you are over 18 and you have a strong stomach for witnessing death — because you will see real time killing in a war that is already lost.

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The Significance of WikiLeaks in a Panopticonic World

We live in an increasingly Panopticonic world and the number of eyes watching us just grows by the day. However, when the eyes are turned the other way around the handcuffs come out and arrests start getting made.

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Leaping from the Continent: Hecuba, Howard Stein and the Last Wehrmacht Push

December 16, 1944, was the last date in history when the United States had its military backbone broken on the battlefield — and then miraculously repaired — all in the span of six, torturous, days.  The last great push of the Wehrmacht to turn the tide of the war one, final, time forever — became infamously known as “The Battle of the Bulge” named for the way the Nazi Army pressed against the Allied lines to “bulge” the defense to the point of bursting — and it is no secret the Allies almost lost WWII right there in those muddy, frozen, trenches.

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The Obama Failures

We have loved Barack Obama as a presidential candidate and defended him as president — but as a president, he is clearly immediately failing us all — and thus flunking the world.  Because of his obscene failures on healthcare, the economy, the war, and terror, he has fully owned his public mocking.

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Living Large Like Saddam

Photographer Richard Mosse has a terrific trail of images from Iraq of the United States’ occupation of Saddam Hussein’s imperial palaces.  It has always bothered me seeing US troops living large on Saddam’s legacy of largesse, and now, after seeing Mosse’s photographs, I understand the why of the disconcerting disconnect.

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Vietnam in the Panopticon

Vietnam is not a place for reformers or dissidents — but it might very well be a harbinger of the future in Iraq and Afghanistan.  If you choose to stare back into the Panopticon watching you in Vietnam, prepare for a serve and long-term punishment in return.

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The Erosion of American BioScience

In the USA, we like to arrogantly, and naively, believe that we still lead the world in all modern thinking and historic wondering — but when we’re faced with the hard facts that we’re losing the battle of the minds in BioScience — will we dedicate billions of dollars to win that international “war” as we have done in Iraq and Afghanistan, or are we forever stuck in our destination of the middling mind?

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