Bush is Back: When a National Nightmare Returns

George W. Bush is back in our nightmares with the opening of his massive Presidential “library” on the campus of Southern Methodist University — all built not to remind us of what a killer he was in the world, but rather what a great a guy he was as he meandered the halls of the White House choking on pretzels while Dick Cheney did all the dirty work as President-in-situ.

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From Prey to Pray as Palin Pales

Reading, watching, and listening to the mainstream media lapdogs this morning, I guess I am the only person in America who thought Sarah Palin’s speech last night at the Republican National Convention was a complete and total failure.  She destroyed her now and infected our future.

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The Real Face of War

This horrific image — a true Urban Semiotic — is making the rounds of the Internets today along with lots of breast-beating and self-immolation over the appropriateness of showing this child killed in a car-bomb explosion in Baquba, Iraq yesterday.  15 people were killed, including seven policemen.  Twenty others were wounded.

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Living Large Like Saddam

Photographer Richard Mosse has a terrific trail of images from Iraq of the United States’ occupation of Saddam Hussein’s imperial palaces.  It has always bothered me seeing US troops living large on Saddam’s legacy of largesse, and now, after seeing Mosse’s photographs, I understand the why of the disconcerting disconnect.

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The Obama Failures

We have loved Barack Obama as a presidential candidate and defended him as president — but as a president, he is clearly immediately failing us all — and thus flunking the world.  Because of his obscene failures on healthcare, the economy, the war, and terror, he has fully owned his public mocking.

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Neo-Colonialism and "Preventive" War in the Middle East

by William Hardiker

A recent memo sent to the Bush administration from influential “think tank” institute PNAC (Project for a New American Century) stated “we believe the administration should demand that Iran and Syria immediately cease all military, financial and political support for Hezbollah and its operations. Should Iran and Syria refuse to comply; the administration should consider appropriate measures of retaliatory action against these known state sponsors of terrorism”. This comes on the heel of former chairman of another influential far right Washington Zionist lobby group, ‘The Defense Policy Institute’ and PNAC member Richard Perle’s call for congress to pass an “Iran liberation act”, as applied to Iraq in 1998. There is little doubt that Iran and Syria are numbers two and three on the Bush Neo-Con’s hit list of “rogue states” singled out for regime change. The only unknown is the manner in which the administration will affect policy that is without doubt ‘on the table ‘.

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A Special Message for Democrat SuperDelegates

I know it seems like the time for your vote is a long time from now but I thought I’d get your attention right now. I’m going to get right to the point. If you were considering not voting for Barack Obama, I’d like you to consider changing your mind and voting for him. Don’t worry, I have some thoughts as to why you should vote for him – this isn’t just a “Do it because I say so!” kind of argument. Okay, here goes:

The War
Yes, I am aware that I should start off with something a little bit more upbeat, but this is really important so I’m going to start with it. No need to start with a dozen appetizers when you know that the main course of your meal is going to be your favorite food in the world, am I right? Back to serious business.

As you may be aware, the candidate against whom Senator Barack Obama was not initially against the invasion of Iraq. Not only was she not against it but she actually voted for it. It wasn’t until a few years later that she changed positions and suddenly realized what our dear friend Senator Barack Obama knew from the beginning : going into Iraq would be a mistake.

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