Buying a 3G iPhone at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store

Yesterday, I headed to the eye doctor for an exam, and
because of the intensive and invasive nature of that experience, I’m usually no good for anything the rest of the day because I can’t really see anything, so I lower myself to eating snacks and caterwauling. As I withdrew from the Second Avenue office of my torture — eyes red and dilated and throbbing — I wondered what in the world I could do that would take little or no effort but still pack in some fun?  I decided to hop into a cab and head uptown to the flagship 24/7/365 Apple Store on Fifth Avenue and doggedly wait in line for a couple of new 3G iPhones.

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A Botched First Day?

Am I the only one feeling the first day of the Obama Administration was a series of botched moments?  Sure, the evening ended well with a deep expression of love between man and wife, but the entirety of the day begged for greatness but only promised the ordinary.

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Garrison Keillors Mightier Pen

Writers learn how to write from other writers. The mark of a great — and imitation-worthy — writer like Garrison Keillor is his keen talent for making the ordinary unique and then using a mighty pen to force terrifying into ordinary so the horror can be felt by frightened minds too feeble to think beyond the boundaries of national pride.

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Shackling the Young to Free the Old

Garrison Keillor wrote a moving article called America Eats Its Young and his words are especially sharp today on Labor Day in the United States where we celebrate the working person before the real work of the Fall takes us over:

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