The Imaginary Integer

One vote. One nation. One dream. One spirit. One soul. Except — when, as a person, you’re only worth three-fifths. Who chooses the fraction? Who creates the integral definition of one human life over another based on decimals, point schemes, and not on whole numbers? We like to believe the world is as fair, and as ordered, as our parents promised us it would be. Two arrives after one. The opposite of amber is divinity. The soul of humankind is undisturbed, except by the precepts of intentional evil clinging to the moon to cleave the star. We live in a numeric world, where measurements are predictable, dreams are quantified, and dissolved in commandments, and end games are more than simple crucifixions.

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Interactive Actors Acting Acted

The New York Times likes to consider itself the “newspaper of record” — and so when they place their foot on the throat of a production to test their muscle — theatre people the world over cringe and hope they don’t get hit with the tainted shrapnel.  The NYTimes recently promoted an interactive “lesson in movie acting” with 14 celebrities “emoting” on their website.

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The Role of the Artist in Society

What is the role of the Artist in society?

Many of my Arts and Literature friends are out on the street in these hard economic times and I am curious if you think the Arts are even necessary today.  Are our times too dire for the Artist mentality and only hard work and labor matters?

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Introducing the Boles Blogs Network

We are pleased to announce the formation of the Boles Blogs Network!  Now you can read a unified worldview with diverse truths and indisputable facts as we stretch our Urban Semiotic mandate into a wider web of ideas.  We also removed the “David W. Boles” part of the official title of all the network blogs to better serve our new, greater, mandate of inclusion.

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The Integrity of the Provenance of Ideas: Archimedes and His Burning Mirror

In this fine illustration of Archimedes and his Burning Mirror by Giulio Parigi (1599), we have a perfect and clear example of how plagiarism operates — and no one escapes this theft of the provenance of ideas able-bodied and unscorched:  The sun is the original source, the mirror is the plagiarizer and the burning ship is the aftereffect of the illicit deed after a burning exposure.

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