Portuguese Food is a Mediterranean Diet

One of the unexpected advantages of my move to Portugal is the change in my everyday diet and the results on my health and my weight.  Portugal is a low density population country, which means that its people can in most areas be fed by local foods and crops. Very few food miles – YEAH!

There are very few processed foods and very few frozen foods available where I am and almost everyone makes their food from scratch using fresh ingredients.  The nearest thing we have to a takeaway is a shop that sells freshly grilled chicken and a home cooked pizza shop where fresh pizzas are cooked on the premises.

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Bloomberg to Fat New Yorkers: "No Soda for You!"

Last night, New York City Mayor Bloomberg announced a new plan banning the sale of sugar soda over 16 oz:

In New York City, where more than half of adults are obese or overweight, Dr. Thomas Farley, the health commissioner, blames sweetened drinks for up to half of the increase in city obesity rates over the last 30 years. About a third of New Yorkers drink one or more sugary drinks a day, according to the city. Dr. Farley said the city had seen higher obesity rates in neighborhoods where soda consumption was more common.

The ban would not apply to drinks with fewer than 25 calories per 8-ounce serving, like zero-calorie Vitamin Waters and unsweetened iced teas, as well as diet sodas.

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The Chain of Annihilation: How to Kill People

Yesterday, I watched a fantastic documentary on PBS called “The House I Live In” by Eugene Jarecki.  The film reveals the 40-year failure of America’s precious War On Drugs.  In the USA, we’ve spent over $1 trillion on arresting over 45 million people and we still have a major drug problem.  The War On Drugs is a failure when it comes to getting people straight, but wildly successful when you consider the increase in long-term incarceration, guaranteeing profits for private jails and communities that rely solely on prisoners to faith their economies.

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Why Shaming Speeders Will Not Work

The mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, has passed some excellent legislature in his time in office. As a person interested in good health, I was pleased to see the ban on trans fat in restaurant food as well as the bans on smoking in an increasing number of places and the proposed ban on the sale of larger sizes of soda, which serve no purpose other than to expand the pocketbooks of the sellers and the waistlines of the consumers while cutting down on their lifeline.

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The FDA Smacks Down "Corn Sugar"

I have my eye on you, high fructose corn syrup. I have seen the way that you have infiltrated our world and invaded so many of our food products from soda to bread. Bread! I had to throw out a half loaf of bread when I discovered that one of the ingredients was switched up on me from sugar to high fructose corn syrup. How dare you make the claim in your ads that you can enjoy it in moderation when it is in so many products?

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Faking Diabetes Amputation to Scare Healthy People

This month, the Bloomberg mayoralty took a stumble on a massive morality blunder with the release of an absolutely incredible public health campaign aimed at the heart of healthy people; and it was perpetuated in a fake amputation of a man’s leg in order to make some sort of warped point in print advertising about the perils if Type 2 Diabetes:

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The Horror of Pepsi Pink: Ten Sentence Story #143

I grew up drinking Pepsi on rare occasions, being raised by parents who were not interested in getting me involved with obesity before grade school.

Nevertheless, there was sometimes Pepsi at the party of a friend — but more often than not, it was Coca-Cola that was being served.

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