How to Write A Lifetime Network Murder Movie of the Week

In my work as a Script Doctor, I take dramatic stories for television, the movies, and the stage, and I make them structurally better. That sort of work isn’t formulaic, but there are common touchstones that must always be considered and then incorporated — what I remember the great Joseph Campbell loosely calling, “the natural rhythms of human storytelling shared with the reliability of a heartbeat” — and that’s what I do; I provide an unpacked redirection of the concentric condition that we are all innately accustomed to sending and receiving in a performance communication dyad, in the acknowledgement of, and in the often unwitting acceptance of, “The Holy Triad.” The Creator, The Object and The Observer.

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Surveillance is Good for You

Jamie Grace wrote this article.

Police in the UK increasingly use new monitoring and tracking technology to capture burglars and ‘home invaders,’ as well as car thieves. Suburban houses in high-crime hotspots are turned into Panopticonic dens with enough camera equipment inside them to identify an offender wherever they move within a building.

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The Present of Presence

I have a friend that works for an internet retailer as the manager of the customer service department. Let us call him Lando: I am quite fond of that name thanks to the character from the Star Wars movies — we can put aside the issue of Lando Calrissian’s being snubbed on most posters for the movies on another day — Lando told me that, as the days numbering down to the winter holidays have quickly dwindled, the number of angry callers has grown exponentially.

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On Turning 31

It occurred to me early on in the month that I was going to be turning thirty-one. More specifically, it occurred to me on the first day of the month because both my brother and mother called me to wish me a happy birth month. This happens to be a custom that goes back so many years that I don’t remember when it started; either that, or it is so new that I just don’t realize that it only has started within the last few years. Maybe turning thirty-one has done something to my memory.

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How to Force Freedom of the Press Back into China

Yesterday our intrepid Gordon Davidescu sent me an email with a long link to a website that appeared to have “stolen” 100% of GO INSIDE Magazine content. Furious, I followed his link — it took forever to load — and saw all of our content loading into a completely new URL. It didn’t look like the content was copied or pulled into a Frame. Strange. The main domain index page was written entirely in Chinese. 

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Pop singer Cyndi Lauper’s “official” website stole an article Janna Sweenie wrote for GO INSIDE Magazine a few years back and republished the article, in full, without our knowledge or even permission to republish the article. You can see the thievery here:

You can see the original article here:

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After we caught stealing GO INSIDE Magazine articles as reported here in Urban Semiotic, we discovered to our dismay that (also known as is also stealing our work and republishing our articles on their site.
They are stealing our bandwidth and loading our articles in their local frameset to make it appear the articles are actually loading and being published from their server. You cannot do that without permission and they never asked for permission. We would never provide permission.
We have notified our lawyers and made copies of the theft and we notified the webmaster of the site of the problem.
Here is the URL we nabbed and we will keep this message online as a warning to all even if the following link gets moved or dies: