Two Million Dollar Babies

People are always doing strange things to get attention. At the same time, people are always finding new and creative ways to earn money or win fancy prizes – perhaps this is more true now that the price of gas has nearly doubled in the last couple of years. When the two meet, you can often get a startling perspective on the kinds of people there really are out there.

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The Tortured Torturer

Matthew Alexander is back from Iraq and he’s filled with regret:

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Vietnam in the Panopticon

Vietnam is not a place for reformers or dissidents — but it might very well be a harbinger of the future in Iraq and Afghanistan.  If you choose to stare back into the Panopticon watching you in Vietnam, prepare for a serve and long-term punishment in return.

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Obama Needs Turkey

The great thrill of watching President Obama rotating in the wilds of the world, is his deftness in convincing other sovereign nations that the USA is, in fact, a reasonable country despite our recent, warring, record in the world.  Evidence of his deference and respect has been demonstrated this week during his visit to Turkey even as local citizens protest his presence.

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