Obama-Biden or Buh Bye?

Joe Biden is Barack Obama’s running mate.  Forgive me for sighing — not with relief — but with the sad recognition that nothing changes and that Barack’s whole campaign of hope was merely slogan and not a new way of breaking the current way of Washington.

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From Prey to Pray as Palin Pales

Reading, watching, and listening to the mainstream media lapdogs this morning, I guess I am the only person in America who thought Sarah Palin’s speech last night at the Republican National Convention was a complete and total failure.  She destroyed her now and infected our future.

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Fatalistic What Iffers

I’m sure you’ve had to hear them out.  In fact, one of them is probably standing right near you or might even be found sleeping in your bed.  I’m talking about “Fatalistic What Iffers” and they live their lives through the harrowing, self-imposed, terror of the “What If” that they press upon you in every waking moment.

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Black Skin? Subtract Fifteen Points!

Before the first presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain last night at Ole Miss, SuperGenius novelist — and Ole Miss Law School graduate, John Grisham — told a television interviewer, when asked why Obama was not doing better against McCain, that a “White candidate” would be “fifteen points ahead of McCain right now.”

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The Real Face of War

This horrific image — a true Urban Semiotic — is making the rounds of the Internets today along with lots of breast-beating and self-immolation over the appropriateness of showing this child killed in a car-bomb explosion in Baquba, Iraq yesterday.  15 people were killed, including seven policemen.  Twenty others were wounded.

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Two Shoes for Eight Years

Yesterday in Iraq, Dubya got what he deserved as a furious local journalist tossed two shoes his way as the rest of the world gasped and guffawed.

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The Expected Incorruptible and the Silver Star

I overheard a conversation on the street the other day.  One woman said to another woman, “She’s so lucky.  Married 40 years and he never cheated on her.”  The other woman sighed as if she’d been passionately kissed.  I wondered why never cheating was something to celebrate instead of something to expect.  When we begin to admire expected, ordinary, behavior and label it “extraordinary” by inference or by honor — we’re on the short path to the dissolution of civilization where every act and deed is heroic and deserving.  The “expected incorruptible” reminded of the story of Monica Brown I recently watched on 60 Minutes.  Pvt. Brown was the second woman in USA history to be awarded the Silver Star. 

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