Top Ten Reasons I Hate My MacBook Pro

Yesterday we discussed the Top Ten Reasons I Love my MacBook Pro and today, to be fair, we look at the darker side of the MacBook Pro in the definitive Top Ten List of Hates:

1. Heat: The 17-inch MacBook I have runs hot. Because the case is made of metal the heat goes directly from inside the machine to the case and outside right to your hands. I don’t mind the heat so much but, compared to my other Windows laptops made of plastic, I wonder if this burning MacBook metal is a better or worse sensation or if my wondering is merely being sensational.

2. Whine: It seems many MacBook Pros have an annoying high-pitched whine that Apple cannot seem to fix or even make it clear if they think the problem exists or not. I don’t mind the whine so much — many blame it on the new Intel chip in the MacBook Pros and Intel blames Apple and Apple says nothing — because I always have iTunes playing, the TV is on, the radio is turned up and my Vornado fans are blowing full blast. My poor cat, however, refuses to sit on my lap now. The whine hurts his ears and in a quiet room it hurts mine, too. I can’t imagine using this MacBook Pro in a library where quiet is the mandate of the day: I’d be tossed out on my dual-core.

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Top Ten Reasons I Love My MacBook Pro

I have had my MacBook Pro for a month now and so far I believe it is the best machine I have ever owned. I have owned a lot of machines! The key to loving the MacBook Pro was to make it my main box — my ThinkPad T43p is still here — but over there as my secondary machine now. Now I do everything with my MacBook Pro.

I have been able to nearly replicate my entire Windows experience on my MacBook Pro by purchasing or cross-grading over to the Mac version of the software. Here are the Top Ten Reasons I am loving my MacBook Pro:

1. Mail: I do a lot of email every day. I get a lot of Spam and Junk. I need to easily reply to 11 email accounts throughout an 18 hour workday using IMAP. The bundled Mail application in OS X is truly magnificent. It beats Outlook 2003 and Entourage 2004 in every conceivable way. The application is fast, robust, reliable and super-easy to setup and manage. I could not ask for a better way to manage my mail and the fact that Mail is bundled for free as part of my MacBook Pro experience is a delight unlike no other.

Beauty of a Bluetooth Keyboard

Who knew a Bluetooth keyboard could provide so much joy and wanting for nothing else? My feelings about the gigantic and plainly rotten keyboard wrist rest on my MacBook Pro finally drove me away from that keyboard and onto the standalone Apple wireless keyboard using Bluetooth technology!

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Sony Handycam HDR-HC3 Review

A year ago a High-Definition (HD) video camera would have cost you $5,000.00 USD; six months ago the same HD camera would have cost you $3,000.00 USD; today, the Sony Handycam HDR-HC3 HD camera costs just over $1,000.00 USD.

Sony HDV image

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Final Cut Studio 5.1 Review

Final Cut Studio 5.1 Final Cut Studio 5.1 is the newest powerhouse editing and production suite from Apple.
With Final Cut Studio 5.1 by your side you can edit, produce and distribute professional quality video.
After recovering from the sticker-shock of shelling out $1,200.00 USD for Final Cut Studio 5.1, you immediately begin to see the magic of the suite and the fact that Final Cut Studio 5.1 now works natively on Intel-Macs as a Universal Application makes life even faster and sweeter!

Make sure you check the technical requirements for Final Cut Studio 5.1 before you buy because you will need a lot of horsepower to run this suite on your machine.
With Final Cut Studio 5.1 you have — at your trembling fingertips — the same software professional movie makers and television programs use to create their shows. 

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Apple Shake 4.1 Review

Apple Shake 4.1 is a high-level Apple Shake 4.1professional digital composting tool now aimed directly at the pro-consumer market.

Shake used to be a $10,000.00 USD product. Then it was a $5,000.00 USD product. In 2004 Shake 3.5 cost $3,500.00 USD. Today you can purchase Shake 4.1 — now as a Universal Application — for around $400.00 USD.

Why was Shake so expensive? Shake was — and still is — the program professional movie production houses use to create special 2D and 3D effects. 

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The Snow Leopard Review

Last Friday, the Snow Leopard upgrade for the Mac OS arrived and I threw down my pencils and paper and started a family-style install across all our computers. This is our story.  This is our review.

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