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Welcome to Dramatic Medicine knows the ways The Arts can heal our minds and bodies.  We will look into the various memes and methods of medicine for revealing the secrets for all-body health through a higher aesthetic. 

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The Failure of Unceasing Applause

Can there be a deadly condition of “too much applause” that is bad for the body and damaging to the community whole?  Is it more cruel to sit on your hands and withhold applause — or is it better to applaud to show support and how well mannered you are no matter who or what or why your hands are making sound against each other?

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When Smart People Get Lost

The Arts & Entertainment (A&E) channel has a new series on cable television called Intervention that is both awful and touching in the same moments. The story of Tamela was especially moving. Tamela, beautiful, strong, smart, a winner in every surface respect, is a “cutter” in her core or, as the National Institute for Mental Health labels her illness, a “self-mutilator.”

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