The Commercial Ringing Phone Syndrome

In 2006, the New York Times confirmed an annoying niggle that was driving me batty:  Songs were being created with cellular phone ringtones intermittently interwoven in the background of the music to encourage your ear to listen to the unfamiliar song with a dedicated, if cryptic, authenticity.

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Scary High-Speed Lectures

This year’s Open Ed conference brought to light a strange, new, phenomenon of students listening to prerecorded video lectures at double speed in order absorb the information faster. In theory, that sounds like a neat idea:  Listen to a lecture in half the time and you can listen to twice as many lectures in the timespan it would take you to listen to one live lecture.

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Portable Headphones Review

Portable headphones are a good way to listen to good music on the go. I’ve been trying out several headphones over the last few months to find out which fit my giant head the best and which reproduced the best sound for my sensitive ears.
I “burned-in” each of these headphones for 100 hours before listening through them. I did that by plugging each into my stereo, turning up the volume to a comfortable listening level and then taking the headphones off my head and letting the music play on without me. 

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