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Enforcing the Ugly Laws

Are you aware in the early-to-mid 1900’s it was illegal to be “found ugly” on the streets of some mainstream American cities like Chicago, Illinois (Chicago Municipal Code, sec. 36034) and Omaha, Nebraska (Unsightly Beggar Ordinance Nebraska Municipal Code of 1941, sec. 25) and Columbus, Ohio (General Offense Code, sec. 2387.04)? Your punishment for being caught in public ranged from incarceration to fines of up to $50.00 USD for each ugly offense.

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Unicameral Vivisection of Omaha Public Schooling

As a good Son of Nebraska, I was horrified to learn of the new law passed last Thursday by the Nebraska Unicameral to racially divide — or let’s call it “State Sponsored Vivisection by Race” — the Omaha Public Schools into three distinct Racial districts: White, Black and Hispanic. The 45,000 student Omaha school system is 46% White, 31% Black, 20% Hispanic and 3% Asian or American Indian.

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Linoma Beach, 1955

by Steve Gaines

He came up like a blue rag
from fifteen feet of cold water
like a diver in reverse
unaware of the faults in his form
draped in lake weeds
and no longer
among the living

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