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2000 Election: Organized Chaos

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

The country has been upside down for awhile, but in crisis since November 07. Political analysts predicted Al Gore’s triumph in the Electoral College, but the contrary happened, at least according to the present mess—the Counting, Recounting, and the Contest. People ask themselves if their votes really count because, after all, the president is elected by The Electoral College. Forget the Popular Vote. Do you remember the movie, “Sleepless in Seattle?” Well, a rerun should be named “Sleepless in the USA.” People, including myself, have been glued to their televisions and PCs more than ever before. Everybody wants to find out the two most prominent candidate’s positions in the state of Florida’s infinite recount, besides some dubious situations around the country—concerning this year’s elections.

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How Florida Made Me a Political Junkie

On the eve of November 7, 2000, I went to bed thinking that everything would be nice and over in the morning. The election might have been a mess, but at least now it would be finished, one way or another, and I could go back to checking in on the political scene when information was in the proximity. To say the least, I was mistaken.

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Chavez, the Church & the Elite

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

I love to say, “wow” whenever this short and meaningful word stretches itself as if it were an elastic bond in my vocal cords, from end to end. I did have my opportunity to scream a big, “WOW,” on May 14, 2000. The reason was almost amusing, so let me develop what took place in the main cathedral of the Catholic Church in Caracas, Venezuela.

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Cuba Now

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

Though Dr. Fidel Castro has tried since day one to diversify all important activities and powers to areas outside of Havana, his main city is still La Habana, as it is well known in the Latin world. Nevertheless, he has gained plenty of success in the worked soils of the island since the island’s soils are rich in minerals and suitable for any kind of crop. Dr. F. Castro has worked upon less dependence in the famous Cuban sugar cane production as well as in the tobacco production. However, Cuba’s main entrance of money remains in the sugar cane production and tobacco.

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Venezuela & Hugo Chávez Frías

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

Though I have named my article “Venezuela & Hugo Chávez Frías,” this is not really about one person for one country, in this case Venezuela one of the Latin American countries. On the contrary, what makes a country is not just its president, but its people. We talk a lot about democracy in the USA, but do we really know the meaning of it? Most of you may say that yes, you know all about democracy because this is your political foundation, and indeed your belief. Yet I do also have my belief. My belief tells me that things are not just black and white. By the way, the colors allusion is not about people’s skin color. This is just a term referring that we should not look at life with one glass spectrum. Democracy is like a pot luck. All of the contributions are voluntarily. Everybody has a vote. Is this reality? Absolutely the answer is NO. We may talk a lot, write a lot and debate a lot. In the end we may not be heard by our politicians, just like in any communist country. At times, in those communist countries people may be heard a lot more closely than we indeed presume in our so-called perfect system.

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Surprise? There is No Clinton Surprise

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

Clinton! Oh, Clinton. Before I came to this country, Mr. Bill Clinton was the president of the USA. I heard that he was the president of this part of North America, and that his wife was the one running the show. Oops, I meant the office. Then the election time came back once again in 1996. Who won it? Guess.

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Of Spam & Politics

by Hugh Faulkner

Do we need to make laws against distasteful behavior or do we need to expect tolerance from ourselves? A recent news article grabbed my attention. It said something to the effect that the world’s most prolific Spammer, one who sends unsolicited email, was getting out of the business for good.

Eating Spam
Sandford Wallace, known by many as the “Spam king” (and also “Spamford Wallace”) is giving up on the idea of spewing out hundreds-of-thousands of unsolicited emails. His company, Cyber Promotions, has been kicked off one ISP after another and doesn’t currently have a supportive ISP through which to do its business.

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