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Make Yourself a Blank Page

The task of living is can be difficult as the world in which we spin becomes smaller, time speeds up, and the distance between people and cultures shrink. Now, more than ever, we need to find ways to achieve common ground beyond ideology and narrow value sets.

Rutgers-Newark has one of the most diverse student body populations of any university in the world. In fact, Rutgers-Newark won awards in the past for several years in a row for having the most diverse student body in the nation. The great thing about teaching at Rutgers-Newark is that everyone is a minority.

No one can claim majority rule by culture or ethnicity or regional flavor. That kind of “minority rule” can teach great lessons that cross color lines and cultural obstacles unlike any other place I have previously experienced. One precious thing we are losing in current university experiences is the loss of individuality in favor of the requirement to be politically correct to the point where the world becomes grey and differences and dissent are discouraged so no one will be offended.

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Secret to Good Writing

The secret to good writing is, as Dr. Howard Stein repeatedly told his graduate students at Yale University, the University of Texas-Austin, The University of Iowa, SUNY-Purchase and Columbia University over the course of a continued 60 year teaching career, is simply: “Ass on Chair.”

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Moral Obligation to Be Intelligent

Do we have a moral obligation to be intelligent? That is an important question we each must answer in the affirmative. I believe, based on the promises we make to each other, we are, indeed, obligated — not needed or required — to be intelligent because a mass of more intelligent people means smarter solutions beyond the levels of base emotion and political and religious sloganeering. Intelligence knows no attachment.

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Purchase David Boles Works Online

I am pleased to announce you can now instantly buy online original unpublished articles, essays and papers I have written from the Boles Books website and the range of work available for purchase is wide and deep.
You’ll enjoy poking around Boles Books and perhaps you’ll find something interesting to read. Here are some of the titles available: 

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A Curious Return to the Lancasterian Monitorial System

With the rise of exclusive online teaching via WebCT and Blackboard where teacher and student are never in the same room together, we are in a rebirth of a strange form of the 1805 Lancasterian Monitorial System in 2005 and beyond where thousands of students will sit and stare at a flickering image of an instructor standing before them.

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A Monument for Hugh Luke

[Note: This article was written for the 75th Anniversary celebration of Prairie Schooner held at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln October 11-13, 2001.]

Hugh Luke, former Editor of Prairie Schooner, was teaching an undergraduate course in Poetry at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln when I first met him. I remember being astonished by Hugh’s passion for the written word and his influence and inspiration have steeped deep within me for 15 odd years or so.

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Greater Goodness

I have been asked by many people through the years why I teach and why I publish Go Inside as a free magazine. Most of the people who ask these questions are in business where the burden of their lives is building wealth, power and success. I call them “non-aesthetic thinkers” and they do not understand the value of living a life undefined by property and means.

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