Dirty Phonebook Gives You the Finger

The tide of uncontrolled anger on the internet — think Juicy Campus and FML and Lori Drew as previously excoriated examples — rises anew in a wave of awkward hatred as Dirty Phonebook crashes against our moral shore.

Dirty Phonebook is a new social networking website that lets anonymous cowards say nasty things — we have no idea if what they claim is true or not — about unsuspecting people by attaching a real phone number to a sniper character assassination.

Here’s a random shot of the sort of “content” you’ll find on that site:

Is the site real?  Or are these published cruelties an invention of misguided minds intended to merely provoke website hits?

Are these sorts of social sites funny or just mean in every intention?

How soon will Dirty Phonebook be sued for slander — and I’m quite certain the “we’re just a common carrier” argument will not protect their vile interests — and they fall into the abysmal flames of public outrage while we write their filthy obituary?