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David Boles, Blogs is a discussion area with a conservative morality and a liberal mind-set. We are most inspired by issues that directly affect semiotic life in the Human Core.  Let it be known we also reserve the right to publish, or not publish, and edit, or not edit, any comment you submit to this blog in order to maintain fairness, accuracy and full human cohesion.

We strive for human relevance every day by creating articles with Passion and Magnitude and many times the comments outshine the articles.

Comments from new visitors are moderated in order to protect against Spamming and purposeful nastiness. The best comments arrive from any viewpoint and are most valued for their intellect, logic and argument.

Hard facts are more convincing than blind faith.

Comments here are the jewels of the internet and we cherish them as such and we cast away the chaff with the curd.We try our best to support each other and to enlighten the world all while staying on point and on topic.


  1. Thank you David for your hard work and diligence for exposing the elitist in our society !
    By the way Congrats on your Wildwood purchase i live by Troy Benns and am a close friend he is wonderful person and a great guitar player.

    1. Thanks for the kind support, Todd, and what a delight to learn you know Troy Benns! How lucky are you to live so close to the man himself? Troy is certainly great in every aspect and, best of all, he’s kind and friendly and wants tell you the truth and not sell you on a lie.

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