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Here’s a blast from the past from our former Go Inside Magazine website:  The Awards Page!  We started winning these web medals in 1996 or so and never stopped!   How many of these gems do you recognize?  Did you claim any as your own back in the day?

4anything.com award!Innovation Award! (28155 bytes)

The Microsoft Network! 2825 bytes) awardit.jpg (3096 bytes) Ravi's Elite Website (4628 bytes) Great Gig Award! (9052 bytes)

NealWeb Award Winner! (8465 bytes) Cool Bananas! Laziness Central Site of the Day! Star Site Award (3753 bytes)

PC Webopaedia Outstanding Page Award Dynomite Site of the Night Cool Site of the Hour! Pirate Pete's Catch of the Day

Top 100! Rocking the Web! Top Ten! Top Fiver! Top Five!

We’re still winning new awards!  Here’s the “Freshly Pressedbadge for our American Folklore and the Blues Black Cat Bone article published in the former Boles Blues blog that is now part of David Boles: Blogs:

Here’s our second Freshly Pressed win for our Kaposi’s Sarcoma article:


This is our third Freshly Pressed win for our — Repressing the American Dream: Rural Villages as Retirement Communities for Young’uns — article.

Here are our WordPress.com LIKEs award:

This is our WordPress.com earned Followers badge:


If you have an award for us, we’ll add it here!  Just get in touch using our contact form and we’ll get the fun happening!

Since the founding of our first blog, all our content is, and always has been, free! We accept no advertising. We refuse all donations. Our writers are not paid. Our authors write because they must, not because they’re trying to meet a monthly nut, and so you know what you read here is unfettered, unowned and unstrategic.

We write to record the truth. We have no vested interest in churning comments or pushing commentary page views or pimping any product we review. We are naturalistic and organic.  We are Everywhere. We are Jederman.

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