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David BolesDavid Boles has lived in Eastern Corridor Urban Core for over 35 years, and he finds the workings of a city landscape a wondrous fascination. He was born in the barren plains of the Nebraska flatlands and was undergraduate educated at the land grant university and later graduate school taught at Columbia University in the City of New York.  David Boles, Blogs was founded to help enlighten a dark world.

He wrote four books for Thomson/Cengage in five months.  Other books include GIS material for textbooks for Glencoe/McGraw-Hill and Hand Jive: American Sign Language for Real Life — with Janna Sweenie — for Barnes & Noble Publishing New York. Windows 95 Communication and Online Secrets was published by IDG/Wiley.

David Boles’ East Coast teaching credits include CUNY, NYU, Rutgers, NJIT, UMDNJ and Fordham and he is the host of the Human Meme podcast.

David is the founder of David Boles University and sosASL.com.  He also operates Hardcore ASL, the American Sign Language Learning portal — with his beloved wife, Janna. David founded the American Sign Language course of study for the City University.  His latest of many books  include — Mother Narcissus and Day One: Learning American Sign Language in 24 Hours and American Sign Language Level 5: A Field Guide for Advanced Communication Techniques for People with Other Disabilities — were written with Janna Sweenie and their book, Hardcore ASL Textbook for Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, is available from Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

You may also read The Best of Urban Semiotic, Volume 1 (2005-2006) and The Best of Urban Semiotic, Volume 2 (2007-2012) and The Best of Go Inside Magazine, Volume 1 (1983-2012) plus Best of Boles Blogs, Volume 1 (2007-2012) and Best of Boles Blogs, Volume 2 (2007-2012) and Best of Boles Blogs, Volume 3 (2009-2012) and Boles Books Tribute to Howard Stein, Volume 1 (1948-2013) as well as Best of Boles Blogs, Volume 4 (2013) and Best of David Boles Blogs, Volume 5 (2014) and join him in writing a Boles Book for… learning precis on topics like Aristotle’s Poetics and the Modern Publishing Paradigm.

David Boles was also the USA East Coast Correspondent for eyepiece magazine, the official publication of the Guild of British Camera Technicians. His Boles website has been updated with lots of great links to his life’s work in the Prairie Voice archive. You may visit him online at IMDb or at the center of all things: Boles.com and his Amazon Author page awaits you!

Janna M. SweenieJanna M. Sweenie is an author of five books on American Sign Language.  For 25 years, Janna has taught American Sign Language at New York University and she is currently the program director for ASL at NYU

Janna’s M.A. in Deafness Rehabilitation is from NYU. She is an advocate for the Deaf and her ASL portals can be found online at HardcoreASL.com and at sosASL.com.

Janna has interpreted shows for the Deaf on Broadway and she has helped teach performance interpreting at Juilliard.

Janna also advises hospitals and universities on compliance issues pertaining to the Americans with Disabilities act. After the 9/11 tragedy she was deeply involved in Project Liberty to help the disabled come to terms with that life-changing event.

Gordon Davidescu Gordon— formerly of the Davidescus of Princeton, Junction, and then of the Gordons of New York City, and now of the Elizabeths of Winter Garden — is a man who yearns for coffee and smells for beans. Gordon is your man for all seasons and a meme for all mensches. Gordon was raised in New Jersey, and is a  graduate of Rutgers University. In Gordon’s free time, he entertains a Vampire Bear while his friends lovingly chide his love of faux fur while always bearing with him.

NicolaNicola is a terrific mind and inspiration.  She shares a grand intellect, as a teacher, and friend and, after living a good life in the United Kingdom, she currently calls Portugal home.  Nicola started off with Boles Blogs as a daily SuperCommenter where she shared deep insight into the world at large with thousands of other readers.  She then made an upward move and joined the Author staff as a writer where she shared an even greater insight into the well of the human condition.  We are grateful to have her writing with us.

BrambleBramble is a cat living in Alentejo, Portugal.  Bramble is semi-feral, extremely cute, and loves a good bird chase.  Bramble enjoys sitting in the sun, sunning in the shade, and giving mice a run for their lives!  Favorite foods include sardines and tuna.  Bramble does not like dogs and dogs do not like Bramble.  Bramble owns two lovely others — a Tall one and a Red one.  Bramble is the current cat-blogger-in-residence for Boles Blogs.

Tom and Marianne O'ConnellTom & Marianne O’Connell have gone to the movies together for the last 48 years, most years viewing more than 100 films. In 1988, Marianne started tracking the movies in a Lotus spreadsheet. As the years passed, they added more data and uploaded all the data to Go Inside Magazine that became Boles Blogs. The list is updated monthly and is searchable by title, actor, director or ratings for the entire period from 1988 to present.

Steve GainesSteve Gaines was born a poet. He is a student of Nebraska: The University, The People, The Land, The Spirit. Mr. Gaines does not shudder from his own reflection. Mr. Gaines is presently retired from a professional acting career after successfully retiring from a 30 year association with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the Nebraska ETV Network. He has been a proud member of Actor’s Equity and was recently awarded the Mayor’s Performance Arts Award for 2012.  He also performed the role of President James Garfield in a readers theatre production of the book — “Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine, and the Murder of a President” — with the Radio Active Theatre group.  Mr. Gaines presently lives in Lincoln, Nebraska. He shares life with his lovely wife Sharon, and together they fawn over five children, 17 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, and he is a grandpa-in-law three times, too!

Nancy McDaniel

Nancy McDaniel is a graduate of Northwestern University, where she majored in sociology, but has always loved to write: letters to the editors, poetry, and always a journal of her travels. She currently lives in Chicago.  After a 28 year career in consumer research and strategic planning with a large multinational advertising agency (Leo Burnett), Nancy took early-early retirement (she wants you to know that she’s not really old enough to retire) at the end of 1997. Her plan was to work for a couple of years somewhere in the African Bush, her passion, and where she thinks her soul lives. Plans change; she’s still in Chicago, a city she dearly loves. Nancy has started a contemporary African art business (called Dumela) with a friend who also loves Africa. She also does volunteer work at the Lincoln Park Zoo and volunteer theatre ushering. She goes to a lot of Chicago theater. And she writes.  An inveterate traveler, she has gone on eight Earthwatch projects, in Australia, Alaska and various parts of Africa (it would seem she specializes in traveling to “A” places) as a volunteer on scientific research projects. In total, she has made ten or eleven trips to Africa over the past 11 years, with more to come.

Boles Blogs Author Boles Blogs Author— these fine writers are international experts who pen opinion pieces and other educational insights for Boles Blogs. If you are interested in writing with us, slam on our Contact form to get in touch. Be certain to tell us who you are and where your dreams have taken you. As well, please include some writing samples along with future article ideas you plan to publish with us. Don’t forget to reveal why you are an expert for the topic you plan to cover. We give bonus points for creative minds and thoughtful contemplations.

Andreas SaugstadAndreas Saugstad was born in Oslo, Norway.  After school he went to the university locally and studied psychology, philosophy and the history of ideas.  Mr. Saugstad also tries to find meaning in philosophy as well as coffee with milk and sugar. He finished his master degree in philosophy at University of Oslo in 2007 on a thesis on Wittgenstein and religion.  He loves pop music and he writes some poetry.  Mr. Saugstad has written articles or interviews for a couple of newspapers locally, and he presently writes for Boles Blogs.  Andreas recently won a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship and he directly credits the slew of articles he has published with Boles Blogs a major factor in helping him win that honor.

María L. Trigos-GilbertMaría L. Trigos-Gilbert moved to Monroe, Louisiana from Caracas, Venezuela three and a half years ago. María is a student, a worker and a wife. María studies at Northeast Louisiana University; her specialty is foreign languages. She is also a graduate of CVA — Venezuelan American Center — in Caracas, Venezuela. Her life has been full of writing, painting, and now she is also creating pottery and playing classical guitar. Some of María’s paintings can be seen on display in Venezuela, Spain, and the USA. She has previously published some of her writing in an online e-zine called The Writers’ Pen. María works as a tutor and translator in the following languages: English, Spanish, and French. She also works with Jon Camp (Computer Science professor at NLU, writer of poetry and free verse — and he is also an artist of ceramics). This is María L. Trigos-Gilbert. María’s favorite, but painful, expression is the following: “La práctica hace al maestro,” which, when translated into English, means: Practice makes the master. María is very proud of her family, and gives eternal thanks to her parents, husband, sister, and brother.

Noemi Szadeczky-KardossNoemi Szadeczky-Kardoss is a citizen of Budapest, Hungary.  Her shining work has appeared for many years in GO INSIDE Magazine and her writing is now published here in Boles Blogs.  Noemi’s special talent is a cutting brutality concerning the human condition.  She speaks a truth that bleeds and the rest of us are left in awe of her stunning ability to wound and heal with words and thoughts.  A true talent, Noemi is one to read now and forever.

Tammy TillotsonTammy Tillotson lives in in Virginia with her Yorkshire Terrier, Pepper Anne. She is a Teletechnet student at Old Dominion University and she expects to graduate in May of this year. Ms. Tillotson loves to travel, and she is still trying to convince the airlines that pets should earn frequent flyer miles. Pepper Anne was born and adopted in Germany and she has flown coast to coast several times with her mom. Tammy Tillotson has always loved to write, and creative writing is as much a hobby as it is a passion.

Emily Windram

Emily Windram grew up in New Jersey and she currently studies English and History at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York.  Along with reading and writing, she loves coffee, cold weather, and finding new music.  Emily plans to become a full-time author in the future, and vows to make her mark in the world.  We are excited to learn about the wilds of the universe that Emily will share with us in future articles.

Louise O'BrienLouise O’Brien is an alumna of Hofstra University where she was the editor of The Chronicle and a contributor to Font, the literary magazine. Ms. O’Brien majored in creative writing and philosophy, and drew a great deal of inspiration from the Beat authors and David Hume.  After leaving Hofstra, she explored a number of jobs but considered herself first and foremost a spoken word poet, and read at Le Bar Bat in NYC. She hopes to break her teeth at Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe one of these days, whenever she gets up the nerve.  Ms. O’Brien works full-time in public relations and is working on a screenplay about her grandmother and the traditions she embodied of her Italian heritage. Ms. O’Brien lives and works in Long Island City, New York and believes in inspiration in the face of adversity.

Luis VegaLuis Vega is originally from New York where he grew up on Long Island and attended undergraduate studies at SUNY College @ Old Westbury where he majored in American Studies and graduated Magna-Cum Laude.  He is passionate about Latin American Studies because his mother is Puerto Rican, and his father is Panamanian. He just came back from a three month tour of some countries in Latin America, including Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. His hobbies include writing, rock climbing, ice climbing, and mountain biking.  Luis Vega aspires to be a professor or an author.

Jack MalmstromJack Malmstrom plays Jazz clarinet. His pals call him “Jack.”  He is so pleased to introduce Jack’s Cats, a new vintage Jazz combo. Jack Malmstrom is delightfully proud to be fronting the band which features some of the finest jazz musicians in Atlantic Canada.  You may find out more about Jack’s Cats on Facebook, and you may also discover much more about the man at JohnMalmstrom.com.  Jack thanks you for listening!

Jamie GraceJamie Grace lives in the UK and writes about technology and privacy.  He is a scholar and an expert on surveillance issues as public policy.  Jamie started writing about United Kingdom privacy issues for our Panopticonic blog and now his excellent essays have been successfully folded into Boles Blogs.  Jamie is an eager — and anticipatory — mind and his writing clearly and brightly reflects the genius and art of his insightful analysis.

Joyce KohlJoyce Kohl became interested in computers when she needed to compile genealogical information she had collected for twenty-five years. She bought books to learn DOS. Mrs. Kohl wrote two 375+ page family history books in 1989. Other accomplishments she’s proud of include advanced certification in ceramic decorating and porcelain dolls; advanced sewing; various handcrafts and needlework include crocheting, knitting, and needlepoint; software and hardware beta testing for Microsoft as well as a few other companies and shareware authors. She’s also had some poetry published and was one of five second place winners in a national contest for personal Website designing. Through the help of people she met on Prodigy, she became a system operator of her own bulletin board system (BBS) in 1992 which she ran for almost six years. Mrs. Kohl claimed the title of “The Oldest Female Sysop in The World.”  No one was able to take the title away from her even though several tried!

Evan StairEvan Stair is a proud son of Nebraska and one of the original Brownell Buffaloes.  He currently lives in his old family State of Oklahoma.  Evan is a big Star Trek fan as well as being wildly crazy for anything with steam and wheels and/or the name “Amtrak” on the front of a train.  Evan has crisscrossed the great United States of America by train and he’s loved every mile and rattle of his varied journeys.

Guy LernerGuy Lerner is a public relations consultant living and working in Sydney, Australia. Guy has extensive technology writing experience, having started in this fray with GO INSIDE Magazine in 1996.  While living in South Africa, he joined a technology-focused public relations company as a senior technology writer, helping the company grow from a base of six clients to over 50 in four years. In January 2000, Guy was tasked with heading up the company’s expansion as general manager of its regional branch in Cape Town.  Guy recently relocated to Sydney, Australia, with his wife and young son, where he works with a leading software development firm. Aside from his professional work in marketing and public relations, and his Bachelor of Science education in Urban Planning, Guy is a dedicated semi-professional nature and landscape photographer, having sold some of his work on occasion to local media publications in Cape Town.

Janet HannaJanet Hanna currently lives in Greece.  She is a tenured member of the faculty at the American University in Athens.  A lifelong author and poet, she started writing with us in the infamous — GO INSIDE Magazine — where her work sang the song of Sirens.  Ms. Hanna is now published right here in Boles Blogs where her fine writing and work will continue to be available for the inspiration of new students and for all readers into the next millennium.

Peggy KumkePeggy Kumke was born and raised in the great and grand state of  Arizona.  Peggy enjoys writing about  the adventures of seeking answers and meaning while experiencing laughter and light.  She is always prepared to be silly and serious — as needed — and she takes great pride in looking good and staying properly physically fit.  Peggy also works to always do the right thing by living a long and luscious and loving life.

Andrea PuckettAndrea Puckett is citizen of the world, and she also happens to be a fine author who started writing about life and tragedy many years ago for the original Go Inside Magazine.  The hallmarks of her work are dramatic intensity, hope of life, and intimate human failings.  Andrea’s wonderful words now appear in Boles Blogs — and she is a great and valuable member of our author archives — and we still celebrate her today.

AnneANNE is an author and scholar.  She appreciates the sun and the moon and the stars as they hover over the land.  She comprehends the complications of celebrity life and has been a longtime commenter and supporter of everything Boles Blogs.  Anne’s research interests include English Composition, World Literature and how we create online social interactions with shared memes and other forms of indirect conversation.  Anne spends most of her time on the “upper” West Coast of the United States and is often in touch behind-the-scenes.

Kyrah ForbesKyrah Forbes is an enigma.  She lives nowhere, but can be found everywhere.  She is both wise and cunning, but without basis or effervescence.  Do not try to find — or figure out — Ms. Forbes, because she will always thwart your every effort.  Yes, Kyrah loves the computers, but she is not a real expert — and she has no interest in living the life of a social networking butterfly.  She prefers the cocoon of anonymity — and we will gladly give it all to her in exchange for her vital presence with us here in Boles Blogs.

Howard Stein as the Eugene O'Neill Statue

Howard Stein spent 38 years of university teaching and administrating and retired from Columbia University in 1992. His career included 11 years at the Yale School of Drama, where he was Associate Dean and Supervisor of the Playwriting Program; seven years at the University of Iowa, where he supervised the Playwriting Program; and 10 years at Columbia University where he was appointed the first permanent Chairman of the Oscar Hammerstein II Center for Theatre Studies and Supervisor of the Playwriting Program.  Howard Stein’s plays have appeared in The Best One-Act Plays of 1951-52 and The Best Short Plays of 1959-60.

Harcourt Brace published his book, A Time to Speak in 1974 and Scribner’s recently published his essay on James M. Barry in their British Writers series. Dr. Stein’s essays on dramatic criticism, dramatic literature, theatre history, and dramaturgy have appeared in a host of journals since the 1950’s. He has directed National Endowment Summer Seminars for College Teachers 10 times since 1979. He finished an essay on Brander Matthews and, until 1997, had been co-editing The Best American Short Plays series published by Applause Books and he completed a gig at Bradley University, where he gave five speeches in three days. [Publisher’s Note: Howard Stein was born on the Fourth of July — and he died October 14, 2012 in Stamford, CT. He was 90.]

Marshall JamisonGeorge Marshall Shipman Jamison was born in Boston on June 16, 1918. His father, Walter Washington Jamison, was an English professor at MIT. His mother, Margaret Shipman Jamison, taught acting in Boston.  He was a student at The New England Conservatory of Music and at Yale University. From 1942 to 1946, Mr. Jamison served as a staff officer for the U.S. Maritime Service. After his tour of duty, Mr. Jamison moved to New York City to pursue his interests in theatre.  In 1948, Mr. Jamison made his Broadway debut in Mister Roberts. He then branched out into directing.  Mr. Jamison then moved into television.

In 1953 he was the Associate Producer and Director of Ford’s Fiftieth Anniversary. From 1956 to 1958, Mr. Jamison was the Executive Producer of The U.S. Steel Hour. In 1960, he won an Emmy Award as Producer of The Fabulous Fifties starring Henry Fonda.  In the 1960’s, Mr. Jamison was the director of the popular network television series That Was the Week That Was starring David Frost. In the early ’70’s, Mr. Jamison directed A World Apart, a daytime television drama. In 1973, Mr. Jamison left commercial television and became a Senior Producer with the Nebraska Educational Television Network.

During his long association with NETV, he directed and/or produced several award-winning series for the network including Anyone for Tennyson? and The Mark Twain series. Mr. Jamison earned the title Poet Laureate of NETV for his lovely and touching poems. In 1990, Mr. Jamison retired from NETV.  In 1992 he moved to Florida where, for over 11 years, he served as the Poetry Editor and author of many articles for GO INSIDE Magazine.  In the year 2000, Mr. Jamison celebrated his golden wedding anniversary with his wife of fifty years, Janet Rosa Jamison. Mr. Jamison’s family includes the following children: Patricia, Janeen, Josh, Terri, Marshall and Janet. His grandchildren are Oliver, Beth, Marlene, Jennifer, Elizabeth and Emily. His great grandchildren include John, Matthew and Blaise.

[Publisher’s Note: On September 2, 2003, the earth broke for us forever when Marshall Jamison died of congestive heart failure in Orlando, Florida. He was 85. Marshall was a fine man, a great scholar, a caring father, a proud mentor and a loving friend. He was a Golden Boy in the Golden Age of television. When it came to writing the only thing that mattered was if the work was good: Fame, success and money all flowed from being good first. One of Marshall’s many gifts was making bad good. We already painfully miss him for the world is less without him. Marshall Jamison’s intelligence, beauty and kindness were powerful inspirations for everyone at GO INSIDE Magazine and he will eternally shine herein and glimmer from within us always. — David W. Boles]

Joseph BaldwinJoseph Baldwin was born in the great state of Texas and spent the greater effort of his life exploring Playwriting, Poetry and the undiscovered beauties of the world around him.  As a tenured faculty member of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in the Department of Theatre Arts for over thirty years, Dr. Baldwin taught generations of students how to build plays and construct successful lives through the Classics.  Dr. Baldwin’s play, A Deed from the King of Spain had a dynamic and successful Off-Broadway run and his outstanding original screenplay, Engine 8444, was produced by the Nebraska Educational Television Network.  His poetry has been published internationally in Prairie Schooner, Harper’s, The Poetry Review and others.  His Plays have been published by Samuel French.

William Samuel CraigWilliam Samuel Craig was born on January 8, 1832 in Nicholas County, Kentucky. His parents were Robert Craig and Mary Conaway Craig. At the age of fifteen, his family moved to McLean County, Illinois. His father died there in 1852. On July 11, 1858, in Carroll County, Missouri, he married Levica Payne, the daughter of James Payne and Harriet Ridgell Payne. She was 23 years old; he was 26 years old. Mr. Craig was one of the lucky ones who survived the Civil War. He tendered his military services to President Lincoln, and served as a private in Company F, 116th Regiment of Illinois Infantry on August 11, 1862 and was honorably discharged June 7, 1865. He fought in numerous battles such as Missionary Ridge, Lookout Mountain, and was among Sherman’s 90,000 men who advanced on Atlanta from Chattanooga which began on November 15, 1864. After the war he returned to his family, and to the life he dreamed about during the war – that of being a farmer. The farmland they owned was purchased in 1863. Mr. Craig farmed all his life, as did his son, some of his grandsons and great-grandsons. Many of his descendants still live in or around Norborne, Missouri which is one of the nicest places in the world to live and raise a family. Those who did not stay on the farm, but chose another way of life in cities such as Kansas City, Missouri, came “home” to their origins when they were laid to rest.

Marianne SteinMarianne Stein is a delightful author based on East Coast of the United States.  Marianne has lived a long and delightful life.  She is hardy and strong and always in good humor!  As the lovely wife of the masterful Howard Stein, Marianne helps set a level of excellence and expectation that few people are able to match.  We are honored to have her writing with us here at Boles Blogs since 1997 and the good old GO INSIDE Magazine days.  We know she will help make us better for many years to come.