My Last Full Moon From Here

Last night, we had the most amazing nearly full moon, with the exact time of the full moon in the early hours of this morning when all sensible people are asleep — the light was excellent so I took the opportunity to snap away at our last full moon from this house.

Sometime over the next week we will be moving — definitely maybe!

Our outdoors shed frame is up — the floor is going down for the secure lock up and the wood walls are already taking place. Lots of concrete is being laid down tomorrow by the boys, while I pack up boxes. “M” has been a star.

We went to the Algarve yesterday and sourced a new bed, and matching bedroom furniture and a major treat for ourselves — an above ground swimming pool — courtesy of a tax rebate from last year. The bedroom furniture arrives on Tuesday — the pool will take a week or two.

We have also bought the tiles for the brick shed and the roofing for the side of the house where we will have out outside dining room.

New flooring tiles are on order for the Alentejo shed which will be broken down and resurrected on site.

The brick shed is going to be a laundry room and garden kitchen, leaving my shed to be for creative pursuits. The brick shed has been repainted internally by the landlord.

We have to wait for landline phone and internet — they have to renew the lines and the poles — this might be a small fly in the ointment.

The bonus is that tonight we were offered about half an acre of land behind the house for use as an orchard and herb garden.

The next full moon will have a different perspective.