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Star Trek Reality

by Evan Stair

It has been thirty years since the last Star Trek television program aired on the National Broadcasting Company. At the time it was considered a good idea but the show had become stale. Few remember this until they watch a late third season episode. Despite the dimished third season during its original run, Star Trek has become a monumental entity.

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Year of the Asterisk

by Evan Stair

As this is written two major league baseball players, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa are nearing a record which has stood since 1961. They are doing so amid the cheers and accolades of many major league baseball fans. However, the story was different in 1961.

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Corporate America: The Land of the Greed

by Evan Stair

One can get attached to wide open spaces living in the center of the United States. However becoming geographically challenged is a drawback if you stay too long. Over the last thirty years business trends have led to a disturbing fact; small town America is dying.

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I Opened a Living Time Capsule

by Evan Stair

Lincoln, Nebraska in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s was a place of beauty in the eyes of a child living in a middle class city of a 100,000 folks, but my neighborhood was more. The Bethany neighborhood was a grand playground that filled the mind, body, and soul with wholesome goodness.

Lincoln had a glorious collection of restaurants. There was a time before the “golden arches” (McDonald’s was there at the time, by the way) became the most popular restaurant in Lincoln and you would want to eat at a local favorite: King’s Restaurant, where you could get a scrumptious hamburger, or a Little Frenchie (a fried cheese sandwich); The Runza Hut where you could get of all things… a Runza (baked bread stuffed with cabbage and hamburger) or a foot long hot-dog that was actually a over foot long and made of real beef; Valentino’s (gourmet pizza — best in the country by some accounts.)

Living The Wonder Years
Some of the experiences of childhood might seem trivial now, but to me, they are a part of an age of inexperience: Innocent as an episode of “The Wonder Years.” I lived the “Wonder Years” along with several hundred other kids in Lincoln.

Behold: A child soaking up every minute of life by watching Captain Kangaroo followed by a walk next door to a school fit for kings. This was the weekday morning routine. Saturdays were spent riding a bike down a smooth sidewalk breathing in the fresh, clean, air of a new morning. Watching countless hours of cartoons ranging from uncensored Looney Tunes to Scooby Doo followed.

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Western Kansas, The Way Life Was Meant to Be

by Evan Stair

Several years ago I asked my boss for a day off so that I could get some rest and relaxation. He asked where I was headed and I said with a wide grin on my face, “Western Kansas.” I could see the confusion in his face as I began to laugh.

He asked “Why in the heck would anyone spend good vacation days in Western Kansas?”

I answered, “Because of the trains!”

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