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ACT! 4.0 for Windows

Forget about “where do you want to go today?” Most of us have to work for a living. The more meaningful question for me is “where am I supposed to be today… right now?!” We’ve come a long way from carrying crumbled notes in our pockets. I used to be wonderful at taking notes that I either couldn’t read or couldn’t remember what they were related to. Palm Pilots and other PDAs have helped solve the nuisance of lost notes, but even the Palm (it’s always in my pocket) isn’t a truly industrial strength organizer… it’s the best when you’re on the go, but I still haven’t seen anyone in their office with a Palm keyboard (don’t laugh, you can get one) typing correspondence or printing activity calendars.

I found the need for a contact manager long before the first Palm Pilot. Ten years ago, there wasn’t much in the way of choice. When in doubt, chose the market leader, right. Right? So my first experience in trying to tame chaos was with the now forgotten Polaris Pack Rat 3.0. What an eye-opener… this early windows program could do almost anything (or so it seemed at the time). It was configurable in a number of unique ways to allow you to associate lots of different things with contacts and to change the screen display any way you felt like it. Its only problem… it crashed a lot and you lost data when it crashed; not very acceptable over time. Finally the company was victim of the “tar baby upgrade” syndrome-the one that wouldn’t work right no matter what-and they went out of business around 1992.

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Palm III vs. Palm IV: Upgrade? Buy?? Wait???

So far, I’ve owned every Palm Pilot ever produced. I lost my original Palm Pilot 1000 on an airplane (not likely anyone will return one if you lose it).. I bought the Palm Pilot Personal (differs from Professional only by the amount of memory) for the new backlit screen. I ordered an upgrade to Palm III status for it, but cancelled the order when it took too long. I purchased the new Palm III. Now I’m lusting for a Palm IV (announced last week for a late November shipment schedule).

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Get Wireless Stock Quotes Via Reuters Marketclip

On Tuesday, March 24, there was a big party in Manhattan to kick off the rollout of the latest innovation from 3COM’s Palm Pilot division and Reuters America, a division of the world’s largest news and financial data distribution company. The new product is the REUTERS MARKETCLIP, an exciting extension of the functionality of the Palm Pilot.

With this add-on device, your Palm Pilot (whatever the model) will gain some tremendous communication competence… wireless real time financial information in your pocket!!!

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Safe Palm Pilot Transfers to Act for Windows

Discussions of contact managers and PIMs often take on the characteristics of a religious debate… fierce positions, often adversarial, seldom resolved. This article will avoid that fevered controversy by limiting the scope of discussion to practical tips for users of Act for Windows and any version of the Palm Pilot (personal, pro or III).

Since early last year, Symantec has provided a free utility for synching Act for Windows with the Palm Pilot. You can download this patch free from the Symantec Web site (under products select ACT and select free downloads). The file is about 6 Mb, so pick a time when you can handle a file that large.

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