(212) 982-8888

With the demise of Google Reader, I am worried about my beloved Google Voice account, and so I set out to cover my backside in case Google ever decides to get out of the free phone calls business.  I found a fantastic 212 number from my 212AreaCode.com friend David Day, and the first thing you do when you are looking for a good phone number is search it on Google to see if it’s been churned, and I was surprised to learn of the varied history of my new want:  (212) 982-8888.  Yes, I’m revealing my new favorite phone number here, live, and in-person, because of what I discovered in my Google search.

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The Joylessness of Proposition 8

When Californians recently denied the right for same-sex marriages to be valid in their state, a great hatred was perpetuated against the minority interest in favor of the cruel majority.

People that are drawn to each other will find love any way they can — be it legal or not.

So why not legalize the union to make everyone a greater part of the whole?

To discourage community and neighbors and bonding is to destroy society from the inside out — and the legal recantation of love in California
— will only make the broken bonds even stronger.