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The Veneration of Michael Jackson Begins

The veneration of Michael Jackson has started in his death — and while this undeserved washing away of his public and private sins disgusts me, I’m not surprised by the celebration, either.

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Racial Embryo Profiling

If you were Octomom — and if you could have picked the skin color, hair texture and eye pigment for your litter of children — would you have tried to take that extra step in the genetic coding of your kids?

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The Tortured Torturer

Matthew Alexander is back from Iraq and he’s filled with regret:

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Do You Believe in the Scarlet Pumpkin?

We know a Scarlet Letter is the historical, puritanical, mark of an adulterer.  Do you find the modern day Maryland “Scarlet Pumpkin” below to be enough of a warning against pedophiles and violent sex offenders to be effective on Halloween eve?

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A Blind Dog and a Dungeon

Child abuse takes many ghostly forms and has a multiplicity of fathers.  I can still remember, decades later, the one time I was enticed by an older man and how the awful hauntings of that dungeon-like experience still threaten me today.

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All the Young Pervs

Sexual harassment and felony sexual assault are serious crimes in society and the bent of most reasonable people is those found guilty of those infractions must pay a harsh penalty in the loss of face in the community and serious jail time and a lifetime branding for some as “registered sex offenders.”
What happens, however, when the social norms and the ongoing tradition of a sub-culture in a community accepts anti-social behavior and inappropriate touching as a normal interactional expectation?

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The First Betrayal: A Five Dollar Beating

We all know a life is worth six bucks, but as a child I found out the first betrayal is worth five dollars. There are some betrayals that are so base and so entirely intimate that one is seared forever in the sacred memory and by the sanctity of the moment.

1963 Five Spot

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