Hugh Laurie: Pandering in the Blues Ghetto with Let Them Talk

The Blues has lately become a “modern musical ghetto” for non-Blues performers like Cyndi Lauper and Hugh Laurie and their ilk who are bored with their current lot in life and so they take the next easiest route back to feigned admiration by “making a Blues album” as a one-off for fun.  Hugh Laurie’s latest musical miasma landed on September 6, 2011 and I am absolutely confounded by his mock singing style and his cynical delivery.  The guy cannot loft a tune, so why make an album?  Why did Hugh Laurie think we’d want to pay $10.00USD for his musical masturbation in the public square?

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Why I Love James Franco

The first exposure that I had to James Franco came in the Spiderman movie series. He went from serious to romantic, humorous to evil in the course of a few hours — back and forth, embodying the different moods of a person from one movie to another. I was quite impressed with him then and I was happy to see him in other movies.

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Android Actors Remove the Soul from Live Theatre

We attend live theatre performances because we love and appreciate watching the human body in motion.  We never know what will happen.  We risk danger and mistakes and anxiety in creating and witnessing the live performer — as the preplanned sometimes implodes into ingenuity, compunction and disaster.

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The Necessary Genus of Jerzy Grotowski

If you are in the theatre — and if you are not aware of the germinal revolution Jerzy Grotowski had against Theatre of the Status Quo — then you need to dig into his oeuvre to discover how this “painter of the mind” reconstructed the dramatic human experience through direct touch and consequential dramatic danger.

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Corey Haim Finds Fame in Death

Corey Haim died yesterday, and while we don’t yet know the cause of his death, we do know during the last few years of his life he was desperate, lonely, and out of socket.  His sad reality show — “The Two Coreys” — only elevated his mistakes and his worrisome life as evidenced in this flyer he paid to have published in a Hollywood trade magazine in an attempt to reignite his fading career:

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Woe of the Child Actor

There’s nothing sadder in entertainment than watching a child act on stage or on screen because we know that media adventure can and will only damage the future adult in the child.

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