The Magnificent Spectacle of the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

I am still over the moon with the sheer spectacle of the opening ceremony for the 2012 London Olympic games.  You just can’t beat an agricultural, pastoral, setting that changes into the Industrial Revolution right before your eyes using the labor of 10,000 actors on a live world stage.

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Interactive Actors Acting Acted

The New York Times likes to consider itself the “newspaper of record” — and so when they place their foot on the throat of a production to test their muscle — theatre people the world over cringe and hope they don’t get hit with the tainted shrapnel.  The NYTimes recently promoted an interactive “lesson in movie acting” with 14 celebrities “emoting” on their website.

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Union Rage and Labor Equity

The unionized labor market is on fire and that continued rage of discontent will carry over into the next year as the Writers and Local One, the Broadway Stagehands Union, in New York are joined by the Director’s Guild and the Actors in violent and visual protest against untenable labor equity.

Are these work actions merely about money and respect or is something deeper going on here? Is there a revolt against condemning the Common Man while the rich become wealthier and crueler?

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Are Actors Necessary: Negotiating Future Dead Rights

Brandon Routh plays Superman in the new Superman Returns movie but he isn’t really Superman. Christopher Reeve is Superman, and Reeve was and shall always be, the definitive Superman. Watching Routh stumble his way through the movie makes one long for the deep talent of Christopher Reeve — who was trained at Cornell and Juilliard and he cut his teeth on the live stage — and you wonder how shallow the talent pool must be in Hollywood when a lightweight like Routh is gifted the role of a lifetime. As you can see in the images below one Superman is intense and in the moment and believable while the other is frail, fake and flailing:

Christopher ReeveBrandon Routh

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