Rent Adventure Story

Possibly unecessary disclaimer: This article is, in the spirit of Saturday Night Live, a gentle parody of the SNL Adventures, a semi-regular series written about the fun and excitement involved in going to see a taping of the popular television show, from waiting in the standby line to the show itself. I had the idea for this while we were standing in line waiting to get in to see the Broadway musiclal, Rent. I mean this article to be good clean fun, as it were. With that being said, here is the Rent Adventure Story.

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Places I’ve Slept… Or Not

by Diane Buccheri

Oh so many places! Being an avid adventurer, ready and open for new experiences, my willingness has led me to some unusual places in which to rest my body and mind at night. These out of the norm places enveloped me with an escape from my usual habitat. Being one who lies awake in the deep of the night, right before it becomes morning, worrying, thinking, imagining, about little things and about big universal ponderings, my familiarly comfortable bed at home does not necessarily comfort me. Rather, it allows my usual night-time mind and soul workings to keep me awake. New, unusual places bring me away from my habitual mind and soul workings into another realm. They can allow me to actually relax and let go of all the workings and I sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep, so very peacefully. Not all of these unusual places of night-time resting, though, afforded me rest. Some were just too utterly frightening or uncomfortable.

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