Notice of Civil Rights Violation

U.S. Department of Education via Fax

I am writing to inform you of a Civil Rights violation that occurred on the campus of LaGuardia Community College on October 15, 2016, and was sponsored by the LaGuardia Program for Deaf Adults, Sorenson Communications and the U.S. Department of Education, as a “Deaf Self-Advocacy” seminar.

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The Ten Percent Complainers

No matter what you do, or how well you perform, 10% of the people around you will complain you’re doing it wrong.  That 10% mandate is true for students, instructors, hardware vendors, volunteers and any other sort of human effort where one works and is involuntarily “evaluated” by those around you.

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Supporting Coco Over Leno

Though not everyone here at the Boles Blogs Network is fond of Conan O’Brien, I do agree that it was a poor decision for Jay Leno to have been moved to a different show at ten o’clock. Rather, Jay should have retired so that NBC could continue showing dramatic television and Conan and Jimmy should have been put where they tenuously exist at the moment. Instead, the ridiculousness of the last few months took place and now NBC wants to push The Tonight Show to 12:05am.

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