Drowning Debris

US Airways Flight 1549 skidded to a stop on the Hudson River and then sank to the bottom.

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Air Force One Terrorizes New York City

In a strange and alarming drop into the Panopticon, Air Force One — yes, President Obama’s official airplane as named when he’s actually riding in it — recently terrorized New York City, sans Obama, as it strafed downtown Manhattan for a photo shoot bringing back the good old bad days of the World Trade Center semiotic of airplanes-as-bombs crashing into buildings.

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Incarcerating the Amateur Photographer

It was once a hobby of many – taking photographs of the beautiful trains that crisscross the countryside. There are so many different trains and, judging by the number of model train enthusiasts, a considerable number of people interested in looking at them.  Amtrak recently sponsored a contest to take photographs of its own trains. The winner would get a thousand dollars in travel vouchers and get their photo published in Amtrak’s annual calendar.

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Ten Nineteen

She said, “sorry” — he said, “pardon?” — as the airplane crashed.

The World Trade Center Falling on Your Head Meme

The sculpture you see below, believe it or not, was created to honor those that died in the World Trade Center airplane bombing on September 11, 2001.  The fact that many people leapt out of the burning buildings to escape the fire in the sky to quickly find their deaths on the ground below was lost on the artist.

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No Regrets Except for One

I do not believe in regret.  We live our lives.  We make decisions.  We must live with the decisions we make because we cannot travel back in time to make amends for bad behavior or mulligan immoral responses to moral conditions.

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