Harry Potter Shenanigans

Odd things were afoot last night when I went to see the new Harry Potter film – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. From the sudden blockage of access to the toilet at Starbucks to a queue that was invented — and then became very real in the minds of its followers to the attempt to orchestrate a “classic” Potter fandom son — it was a strange evening that didn’t end until nearly four in the morning.

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On Web Comics

Looking at the long history of the art form that we call the comic, or the comic strip, the wondrous world of comics accessible online has been around but for a blip of time. However, in this short amount of time, these online comics have managed to make a strong impact on the rest of the comic strip world, and how it works. As a disclaimer: I’m far from an authority on the subject matter, and will mostly discuss comics I have had some sort of interest in. There are many more comics and have been many more than I am going to discuss – but then, this isn’t the Encyclopedia of Comics.

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Rent Adventure Story

Possibly unecessary disclaimer: This article is, in the spirit of Saturday Night Live, a gentle parody of the SNL Adventures, a semi-regular series written about the fun and excitement involved in going to see a taping of the popular television show, from waiting in the standby line to the show itself. I had the idea for this while we were standing in line waiting to get in to see the Broadway musiclal, Rent. I mean this article to be good clean fun, as it were. With that being said, here is the Rent Adventure Story.

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