Why Andrew Sullivan Fails the Bullying Pranks Test

I am usually a Big Fan of Andrew Sullivan.  His emotional instinct is almost always right on target.  He’s been living with HIV for two decades and, as a Gay Man, the center of his universe is clearly his sexual identity as evidenced in his daily blog posts.  Every once-in-awhile Andrew stumbles — and he fell hard last week by dismissing Mitt Romney’s youthful hazing of another student as a form of bullying — and his readers attacked and Andrew backed down, sort of, with a half-hearted and utterly bewildering defense of “Pranks” vs. “Bullying.”

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Game Change: The Aftermath

I spent my Saturday evening watching the HBO debut of — Game Change — the misanthropic story of how Sarah Palin almost ruined our nation by becoming Vice-President.

I did not appreciate Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin because she was too reserved and imitative instead of inhabitative.  I much prefer Tina Fey’s combative sendup of Ms. Palin because she better characterizes the manic wackiness that made Palin so ridiculous and so very dangerous — we laugh because we are terrified of what could have been.  Ed Harris as McCain was ordinary and not angry enough and not stiff enough to be convincing.  Woody Harrelson was magnificent.  He stole the show as campaign advisor Steve Schmidt.

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Sarah Palin and the New Paul Revere Refudiation

I used to not fear Sarah Palin — but after her recent refudiation of what really happened during Paul Revere’s famous ride — I am beginning to become uncomfortable with the incredible amount of positive press she’s getting for being wrong about almost everything she claims to be factual.

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Weed Got Whacked: Now What?

Prop 19 was defeated in California — and that leaves us in a strange state of wonderment as we ponder “What’s Next?” — in the drive to de-criminalize marijuana.  As you can see in this image from NORML, the “Make Pot Legal” movement is slowing taking over the lower 48 in spite of the 19 defeat.  Here’s a larger shot of that image for easier viewing.

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