Animal Abuse in the Name of Meat

Every day, anywhere from three to five times per day, we make important choices about the foods we choose to consume. What is going to fill our plates and bowls — beyond meeting the need to keep our bellies full and our nutritional needs met, is anything else important? I would certainly say so, given how much of the food that gets sold ends up in its tidy packaging on the store shelf.

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The Silly SuperPoke Pets Review

UPDATE April 23, 2009:  After getting an inappropriate comment on this article
from Slide

this morning, my wife and I have decided to no longer play that game.  We’re over them.  Any links to our SuperPoke Pets sites are no longer active
and should be considered dead.  Why should we pay for that sort of
attitude from a company?  We’re voting with our money and the answer
is: “No thank you.”

I am addicted to SuperPoke Pets on Facebook!  Bonky, a monkey, is my adopted SuperPoke Pet and he’s currently living in a cornfield in space!

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Deducting the Cat

As medicine advances to not only heal humans, but the pet population as well, we should begin to wonder what makes a family and how we want our federal government to respond to the needs and wishes of everything that makes up the “family unit.”

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Everything with a Mouth Bites!


…with a mouth…

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Who Will Weep for Tatiana?

Should we be surprised when a wild animal behaves like a wild animal and attacks when provoked?

That is the question we need to ask when we consider the role zoos play in our lives on a moral and ethical level and we need to begin to wonder if raising wild animals in captivity is beneficial to the animal or if that process is only a money-making proposition where animals are used as entertainment.

Tatiana, a Siberian tiger born in the Denver Zoo, was a beautiful being in 2003 when she was a cub.

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Hurting Fish for Asthma Awareness

Have you seen the television Public Service Announcement (PSA) with a gasping fish in a rapidly diminishing water bowl to promote “asthma awareness?”

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Killing Riccardo and Benjamin

From my Inbox:

A few months ago a lion and an 8-month-old elephant used by the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus were killed. Last year Ringling destroyed an 8-month-old elephant named Riccardo after he suffered irreparable fractures to both hind legs when he fell off a circus pedestal.

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