Reconstruing a Culture: A Reckoning for Retro TV

There was a time in the monument of America — during the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s — when you could have a life, make a career, and be somebody, just by hosting or appearing on, a broadcast television game show or talk show.

Since we now live in the perpetual machine of “everything old is new again” — we can dive back in time, and watch all the old television shows of our youth, now digitized, and Closed Captioned, and made publicly palatable for our short mindsets by removing most of the modern commercials in favor of the old, embedded soap pitches.

Buzzr is one of my favorite retro channels, and orange seems to be the “color of nostalgia” (and 1970s sexiness!) in the logos of these channels of recondition.

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Trapped in the iPhone Bumper Hell

When I think of the word accessory and all that it entails, there are many related words that come to mind — optional, not necessary, not needed. The purpose of an accessory should not be to make something that would be otherwise useless into something that is usable. This unfortunately seems to be happening with the new Apple iPhone.

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