The Preplanned Chimp Man

Santino is a chimpanzee. Or is he?

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Primate Morality and Shared Values: Are We Aping Them?

In a recent New York Times article, it was argued that advanced primates are moral beings with identifiable values sets.

We have wondered here on the same topics and about the inspiration of DNA and evolution in articles like From Ape to Man to God. Primates care about each other even if it risks their own well-being.

They make informed choices that bear on “doing the right thing” for the community and not only the self.

Is it scientifically provable that morality is not a possibility but a genetic mandate for survival?

It is humanly probable that our primate ancestors provided us clues in our shared, genetic, code not to harm each other and to instead negotiate and socialize and to get along without killing?

Is it our ape-like morality that allowed us to become upright and upstanding and evolved, cogent, beings with empathy as well as morality?

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