The Sad Slide of Danny Gatton

Danny Gatton was one of the best and finest guitar players in the world.  Danny befriended Arlen Roth early in Arlen’s career and helped find him work and a career in music.  Danny was so beloved by Fender that they created a special one-off Telecaster for him:

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Arlen Roth Licks You 150 Times

Arlen Roth is a SuperGenius guitar teacher who invented the “Hot Licks” series of instructional DVDs.  My favorite Arlen Roth video is “150 Electric Hot Licks for Rock, Blues, Country, Rockabilly and R&B Guitar.”  A “lick” is a short musical passage that punctuates a song.  Some songs are made from many licks linked together.

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Buddy Guy Teachin' The Blues

Buddy Guy is an amazing, old school, Blues guitar teacher. He stars in “Buddy Guy Teachin’ The Blues” as part of Arlen Roth’s excellent Hot Licks DVD series.

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The Online Guitar Lessons Review

Learning to play the guitar 20 years ago was a lonesome and difficult proposition.  Sure, you could buy books and ask friends for teaching and insight, but when it came down to you in the dark moments of the night; you were always completely alone with your wicked chord progressions and your punishing pentatonic scales.  Today, with the advent of the internets, you have a wide selection of outstanding online guitar teachers and this review with take a look at three substantial resources to help you advance your guitar skill at any level.  We begin with free lessons from guitar legend Arlen Roth hosted on the Gibson website.

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