The Genius of Steve Gordon and Why Arthur 2 Was a Miss

Michelle Carter wrote this article.

Arthur! Arthur! Arthur! I can’t say it enough times. Ask me the name of my all-time favorite laugh-out-loud comedy and my answer will always be “Arthur.” What else can I say? I love this film. I am referring to the 1981 smash hit movie starring the lovable comic icon Dudley Moore, Tony award winning actress Liza Minnelli and the ever so elegant Oscar award winning thespian, Sir John Gielgud.

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Missing Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller died. He was 89. When I was in the M.F.A. Theatre program at Columbia University I was fortunate to meet Arthur Miller at a staged reading of a new Arthur Kopit play called Bone the Fish at the old Circle Rep “garage” theatre in the Village near Christopher Street. Kopit’s play was a semi-send up of David Mamet’s successful Speed the Plow Broadway play.

Kopit later changed the title to Road to Nirvana when the play had a full Circle Rep production later in the season. The staged reading starred Sigourney Weaver and it was directed by her husband, Jim Simpson.

I was working as Arthur Kopit’s assistant on the show and I was stationed in the back row of the theatre to take notes. A beautiful young woman came up and asked me to save her the last empty seat next to me. I did not want to commit to saving her seat because the theatre was packed and more people were streaming into the tiny space. Before I could answer her she winked, smiled and disappeared.

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