Three Time’s the Charm: Boles Blogs is Freshly Pressed Again!

There’s nothing quite like the joy of being recognized by our respected peers for the work we spin and propagate into the wilds of the worldwide web, and when we received a welcome, and now more familiar, email last night telling us the great, good, news that our article of the day — Repressing the American Dream: Rural Villages as Retirement Communities for Young’uns — was the latest Freshly Pressed editor’s pick, we were shining in shadow:

Hi, David!

I hope your blog is ready to welcome some new readers — your post ( ) will be featured on Freshly Pressed as a editors’ pick!

Another thought-provoking piece, as we’ve all come to expect from you — thanks. It’s a great post that deserves a wider audience.

FYI, you can now spread the good news by sharing the link, which lets anyone see the Freshly Pressed showcase whether or not they’re logged in to is the biggest and best blogging community because awesome bloggers like you make it the best. Thank you for publishing with us, and congrats! Have fun with your new readers.

michelle w.

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Suing the Grammys

We know the Blues and Jazz are getting short shrift in the mainstream miasma that is Popular Music today — can’t even be bothered to get proper album cover art for their Blues and Jazz charts! — and now we have breaking news that Latin Jazz musicians are suing the Grammy Awards! Continue reading → Suing the Grammys

Oscar Box Office Bumping

The 82nd Academy Awards are coming up on Sunday.  Here’s a fantastic chart that shows how much money is re-earned for a movie after winning the Best Picture Oscar. 

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The Unholy Blow Job

This Catholic Church logo is allegedly from 1973 and it won a Los Angeles design award. 

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Why Heath Ledger Must Not Win an Academy Award

Heath Ledger killed himself.  While some mourn his death, the rest of us must not celebrate his faux life by giving him an Academy Award for his disgusting role in The Dark Knight.

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