The TheraBrite Review

In my TheraBreath review, I shared my experience using that dynamic product to help heal murky breath caused by lots of dental work.  I’ve been using the TheraBreath products for almost a year now and I am incredibly pleased with the customer service and quick shipping and, of course, the everyday effectiveness in my mouth with my new crowns.  In my most recent order, I decided to try the new “TheraBrite Plus” tooth whitening system.  You get all the goodness of the regular TheraBrite line with the addition of whitening your teeth.

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The Bad Breath Lick Test: TheraBreath to the Rescue

There’s nothing worse than having bad breath and not realizing the source of that stank-mouth is you.  Here’s a simple test you can do right now to test your breath.  Lick the back of your hand.  Let the spit air dry.  Now, smell your hand.  If your dry spit has no odor, your breath is fine.  If, however, your dried spit smells a little funky, then you need to take fast action to get yourself into the realm of neutral breath — not “minty fresh” or flavored breath — just breath that smells like “nothing.”

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