From Barbie to Borrowing: Hanging Out with Dad

I am convinced that my father was born with a newspaper in one tiny hand and a neck tie instead of an umbilical cord. I mean this in the most complimentary way possible; the man has a work ethic that can make any zealous overachiever feel lazy. As a kid, I hardly appreciated or even noticed how tirelessly he worked to support my family and me.

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Coming a Long Way from Slumber Party Barbie

When I was a child I actually wanted to have a Ken and Barbie doll set. I liked the idea of dressing them up and playing with them. It was not to be, however, as it was determined that boys are not meant to play with Barbie dolls — particularly the boy named Gordon Davidescu of Princeton Junction, New Jersey.

I did not get a single Barbie doll for my entire childhood and lost interest in them in my adolescence and only regained a little interest in the Barbie doll line a couple of years ago when Mattel (the company that makes Barbie) ran an online contest to determine who would be their next “I can Be” Barbie selection.

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White is Winsome: Discounting Black Plastic Skin

Walmart are being accused of Racism for marking down a Black Barbie to $3.00USD while selling the White Barbie for the full price of $5.93USD. Some argue Walmart needed to be more sensitive to issues of Race in the marketplace and that the company needs to sell all Barbies for the same amount.  Walmart replied, with a stone ear against a burning fire engulfing them, that they needed to move inventory and the Black Barbies had to be discounted so they would sell better.

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Endless Love (Part 2)

by Diane Buccheri

With a groan, I rolled over to pick up the phone. Who could be calling now? It sure seemed early after my late night date with Jack, the college grad, aspiring writer with a fine face, twinkling blue eyes, and rugged jeans. Oh he’s an exciting one. A whole new experience. A real thrill. We’d been out with a bunch of Jack’s friends to listen to live guitar music, drinking wine and eating cheese in a dark room at the water’s edge. The joke that night was John Cougar’s new hit song, “Jack and Diane”. The guys teased Jack, who had been out of college nearly a year and was dating me, nearly finished with my senior year of high school, a fresh innocent with wide eyes, taking it all in.

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