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The Yankee Ingrate

There’s nothing quite as annoying as an ingrate. Add “surly” to the personality of the ingrate along with $43 million in salary over two years to win 34 games playing — not working — baseball and you have the nasty Randy Johnson.
Randy Johnson never fit into Yankee pinstripes. 

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Barry Bonds: Legal Doubt with a Moral Certainty

Major League player Barry Bonds is within a swing or two of passing Babe Ruth as the number two all-time home run slugger in baseball history. There is, however, a taint that stinks up Bonds and his run at Hank Aaron’s number one record and last week in Philadelphia, the fans told him, and the world, they know what he did to be able to challenge Ruth’s record and they refused to play along and shut up about his leading role in the Steroids Era of baseball.

Barry Bonds

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The Fifty-Two Million Dollar Man

A clean-shaven and short-haired Johnny Damon finally gives the Yankees a strong arm in center field again and as well as a quick bat behind the plate.

Johnny Damon as a Yankee!

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You Look Like an Australian Cricketer

The other day I was in the Rutgers bookstore and a cashier told me I looked like Australian Cricketer Mark Waugh. After I asked for, and received, the definition of Cricketer, I told that student I was going to look up Mark on the web and I said, “if he is ugly there is going to be trouble!”

As I was leaving, the student told me Mark has a twin brother Steve and that I may be the missing triplet.

It’s interesting how people have never been shy about telling me who I look like.

In high school I was told I looked like movie star Tom Cruise.

In college I was told I looked like actor Tom Hanks.

In graduate school I was told I looked like former Yankees pitcher Matt Nokes.

As an instructor at both Saint Peter’s College and Rutgers-Newark my students told me I looked like outstanding actor Edward Norton.

Perhaps one day I will simply be recognized as me.

Year of the Asterisk

by Evan Stair

As this is written two major league baseball players, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa are nearing a record which has stood since 1961. They are doing so amid the cheers and accolades of many major league baseball fans. However, the story was different in 1961.

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