Why Did Google Wave Crash? Should We Care?

I am here to say what many of us were thinking but just haven’t said out loud — Google dropped the ball on Google Wave in such an enormous manner. When they recently pulled the plug on the Google Wave project, they took what could have been a tremendous tool to help people learn and teach and they threw it all away.

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Google Wave: Blackboard and Basecamp Killer

We have been happily and intensively using Google Wave over the past week and we are impressed with its promise and engineering.

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Catching the Google Wave Haiku

Google announced — Wave — yesterday, a new online collaboration meme that blends email, maps, documents and social networking into one workspace.  Is Wave Google’s Basecamp killer that will finally make Google Apps a complete and total winner?

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The Ultimate Basecamp Review

Finding a way to effectively work online is vital to any enterprise that relies on an internet connection for communication instead of in-the-room face reading expression.  Boles University used to use Google Sites for online communication, but a month or so ago we permanently moved up to the Basecamp for-pay service — we’ve been back-and-forth on the free/paying/free Basecamp plan since the service started five years ago — to better serve our online private portal work needs.  Here’s what our Basecamp Dashboard looks like.  I’ve box blurred the names and titles of private projects throughout this review.

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Playing Microsoft Tag

You can see the new, tiled, background image for my Twitter account.  The multicolored bonanza of triangles and primary colors is mesmerizing and aesthetically pleasing, right?  Or is the image effect sort of eye numbing and hard on the retinas?  Did you notice the twitter logo shares the same color blue as my background image?  There’s nothing to that shared hue of blue except that “it is the color that it is” — which is a complicated way of saying, “it’s a popular primary blue.”

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