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Beauty and Gore

Recent movies such as 300 and The Hitcher prove there is a written disconnect between aesthetic, the body, and gore as expressed in the higher calling of community welfare and the darkest depths effervescent commodity.

One film proves there is humanity and purpose in bloodshed while the other confirms we lose our hearts in the unnecessary testimony of individual cruelty rioting in rivulets of blood across the screen.

What causes one mind to write such beauty in dismay, while another pens purgatory for profit?

Three Million Years of Female Evolution

Is this evidence of human progress or of human dismay?
The first image is of “Lucy” the female hominid who lived 3.2 million years ago and her full-scale model was inspired by the structure of her skeletal remains.
The next image is an unnamed model from the Spring/Summer 2006-07 Pasarela Cibeles fashion show in Madrid September 21, 2006 and is created by the flesh and bones of high fashion.

The Evolution of Women

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The Nigger Lover

I have resisted posting about this topic because I didn’t want to encourage even more hate on the web, but now that some time has passed and more protections have been set in place, I am prepared to tell you on January 16, 2006 — Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in America — something awful happened here. 

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Tearing Down Beauty and Goodness

What is it about the beast of human nature that requires many to tear down the beautiful and the good?

I believe the answer is it is easier to tear down beautiful things than to build them. Building beauty takes dedication, purpose and the help of others, while tearing down takes the trifling effort of a single person.

I believe it is more convenient to be bad than good. Being good requires caring about things beyond yourself, to volunteer your spirit for possible exploitation and to beg the same commitment from others who may not share your value system. One person with a singular bad intent can tear down empires.

You, Too, Can Have Dimples

by Peggy Kumke

You should see how GREAT I am looking lately. My butt is really looking good in my clothes. The dimples I am getting are so cute, and they are large enough to show through my pants. It’s really makes the other girls jealous. Oh, I must tell you that my hips are so rounded my pants hardly fit.

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