When Religion tries to Become Science, Bad Things Happen

There’s a lot of righteous arguing on The Internets recently concerning the way religion and science are cleverly being mashed up by fanatical Christian fundamentalists to create a whole new anti-science, anti-reality, anti-educational rhetoric that is being fed to our children as something real and true and factual when it is not.  The monsters behind this religious terrorism of the mind are the same evildoers who invented the “Creation Museum” where they argue that people walked the earth with the dinosaurs even though there is a 65 million year gap between the last dinosaur and the first human.

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Tim Tebow: Non-Aborted Fetus, but Crybaby Christian

University of Florida football quarterback, and Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Tebow is the worst kind of Christian:  Self-promoting, crass, entitled, fragile, haughty, and invoking the sacred right of Crybabyism when God doesn’t answer his prayers.  During every football game, Tebow advertises his public love of God in quaint Bible verses printed on homemade eyeblack patches.  Each week his his mommy sends him a list of quotes to use.

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Rumsfeld’s Bible War

We have never been a fan of Donald Rumsfeld’s bloodthirst and his self-congratulatory parades — but the revelation this week of his purposeful injection of the Bible into United States War Policy in order to salve a contemptible Commander in Chief — is the beginning of the melting away of the Bad Bush Policy that brought us to war in the Middle East, and Obama better get out of the way of the truth, or he’ll get washed under with Rumsfeld and Cheney and Bush as a co-conspirator in the torture cover up and in the unholy war against the Muslim faithful. GQ magazine — known more for celebrating men’s style than revealing war atrocities – published the cover pages for Rumsfeld’s Top Secret “Worldwide Intelligence Update” where Bible quotes were pasted over United States soldiers in action to help Bush find comfort in the blood he was letting.

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Giving Grief in America

Grieving is frowned upon in America.  We are expected to buck up, to smile, and continue on with our day even in our deepest despair.  Grief, in America, is marker for a visible weakness and those in active grieving are required to put on a happy face and sing a tuneful song to demonstrate their fortitude and their goodwill for their fellow kind or risk being indelibly labeled as a crybaby:  If you must cry — do it in private behind a locked door and under the covers in the middle of the night and don’t make any sound.

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Ten Thirty-Eight

Sacred is coddled.

Sinners are sheared.

All in the Name.

Fired for Myth Telling

Adjunct instructor Steven Bitterman was fired for suggesting a Bible story could be read as a myth:

Bitterman was on his way to teach a course in Western civilization at
Southwestern Community College last fall when his car slipped off the
road. By the time he got back on the road, Mr. Bitterman’s clothes were
muddy, so he returned home to clean up. That’s where he got a telephone
call from one of the college’s vice presidents, saying he had been

Three students, the vice president told Mr.
Bitterman, were offended because he had told his class that people
could more easily appreciate the biblical story of Adam and Eve if they
considered it a myth.

“She said the students and their
parents had threatened to sue the school, and sue me, and she said: ‘We
don’t want that to happen, do we?'” said Mr. Bitterman, who had been an
adjunct professor at the Iowa college since 2001. “She told me I was
supposed to teach history, not religion, and that my services would no
longer be needed.”

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