How a Big City Teaches Multicultural Tolerance

As we tumble headlong into the dire possibility of a Trump Presidency, I am reminded of the salient, if silent, lesson some of us learn when moving from a small town to the urban core of a Big City: If you want to get along with everybody — like everyone anyway, even if you don’t — and never badmouth anybody, even if you want to.

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A Memory of Martha

There are few safe harbors in a big city, but one of the most reliable places you can rest your feet every week and not feel afraid is the neighborhood laundromat.  Laundromats are busy and packed with people on a shared mission.  We don’t have laundry facilities in our building, so we are forced to outsource our laundry.  Because our schedules are so wacky, we use the Laundromat’s drop off service where we pay a little extra to have somebody else deal with cleaning our dirty clothes.

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