Alicia Silverstone and Bird Feeding Bear Blu

As of late, my little man Chaim Yosef Davidescu has a neat little trick that he performs at the dinner table — well, at the dinner high chair, anyhow. He starts by putting something in his mouth — cracker, grape, or otherwise. Most of the time he will give it a good chewing and swallow. Sometimes, however, he will realize that he suddenly wants a drink from his sippy cup and so instead of continuing to process his current food, he pauses and just takes it out of his mouth. The trick comes if I happen to be near him when he makes this decision and he juts out his hand, partially chewed food in it, toward me as an offering. I have told him on a number of occasions that his Tati is just not interested in eating partially chewed food and that he is neither child nor bird.

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