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And We Shall Follow Him

Last night, Barack Obama became the nominee of the democrat party — even though some on the Clinton side still feel he cannot win in November.

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The Black and Blind Piano Player

When I was a wee lad — perhaps 8 or 9-years-old — I acted in a lot of community theatre plays and musicals.

Acting was an opportunity to escape an ordinary life for one of imagination and history and it was a tasting of a freedom that has sustained me ever since.

Theatre made me an escapee from the mandatory expectations of a pedestrian community where staying and longing were demanded over exploration and fulfillment.

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Does Dark-Skinned Equal Blackness?

We have wondered here in the past about the cultural constrictions we press into skin color, and a related and deeper issue is one of darker skin — Black skin in particular — and how it is socially demonized by negative, historical, intellectual and emotional touchstones associated with “Blackness.”

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The Memeing of Black Bitches

Do you agree with Isiah Thomas that Black Men can call Black Women “bitches” while White Men cannot?

If not, where — in the cultural meme that grew and molded Isiah Thomas — did he learn to believe that it was appropriate and expected to call Black Women “bitches?”

Are all Black Women “bitches” by default in Isiah’s mind — or does he use that derogatory term on only those women he believes are below him in status and competence?  Is his mother a bitch?  His wife?  His daughters?

The chilling lesson of Isiah Thomas’ Black Bitches is that he sets an example for bad behavior modeling in young people who look up to him to catch ideas and inspiration from a man — A Proud Black Man — many of us used to admire and emulate.

Isiah Thomas and His Black Bitches

Isiah Thomas — former basketball great, Hall of Famer, and currently president of basketball operations and head coach for the New York Knickerbockers — recently said under oath in videotaped deposition for a sexual harassment suit against him and the Knicks that it is more offensive for a White man to call a Black woman a “Bitch” than if a Black man did the same.

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Brewing a Better Stew: Black Chicks Want White Dicks

The other day I was engulfed in a fascinating conversation about the differences in sexuality and beauty between cultures when my young Nigerian female friend blurted out during our talk, “You know Black chicks want White dicks, right?”

Black Chicks White Dicks

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The Necessity of Melancholia and Black Bile

We have lost our Melancholia and our Black Bile and we’re the worse for the eradication. We now seek happiness through the pit of a pill and the trough of psychotherapy instead of actively working to remove ourselves from despair and founding ourselves in happiness and contentment even though they can never truly be achieved.

It is that struggle to raise our bodies and our thoughts that makes the life worthy of the living. Melancholia has a rich and deadly history in the mark of humankind and no other state of being has been rendered so beautifully in art than that of the Melancholic mind. It’s fascinating how “head on hand” is the rich semiotic used throughout antiquity to indicate this mournfulness of the memory for the living:

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