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Casting Caskets into the Iraqi Abyss

President Bush decided we’re going to surge 20,000 more troops into the abyss of Iraq and one can’t think he’s doing anything more than tossing more bodies into the volcano.

Casting Caskets

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Call of Duty 2 Review

I am not a big Gamer, but when I saw Call of Duty 2 was available as a Universal Application for the Mac I had to pony up the $50.00 for the game to see how well it would play on my MacBook Pro.
Call of Duty 2 is an outstanding game and I can run it in full 1680×1050 mode. 

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Thin Blood Line

There is a thin line of blood between Love and Hate. Love and Hate inspire the same fury of emotion as well as similar rises in blood pressure and changes in brain chemistry. Some wonder how Love can so quickly turn into Hate.

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BlogMad Blows It!

BlogMad, a blog exchange service in beta testing, blew away their databases today and this blog, and my account, were one of the unlucky ones to have everything reset to zero.
BlogMad support tells me there is no way to restore the lost settings.
All that surfing gone.
All that “ranking” gone.
All those earned credits gone.

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Women and Hypoglycemia

Last semester I had six female students in different classes who all had rather serious forms of hypoglycemia. Since I have never had any male students medically identified as hypoglycemic over 15 years of teaching, this article will focus on female hypoglycemics, though I am certain males must suffer as well.

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Veganism Lowers Blood Cholesterol Levels

While April may be the month for Fools, I can tell you it’s no joke that living a Vegan lifestyle can lower your cholesterol. While your mileage may vary, I’m living testimony that Veganism — mixed with daily, moderate, low-impact, exercise — can lower your blood cholesterol level from a high risk ratio to a moderate one.

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